The Dark King - Chapter 552: Zombie King

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Chapter 552: Zombie King

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When Dean was cleaning Haisha\'s wounds, suddenly there was a strange sound coming from outside the subway.

Dean was surprised and quickly looked at the source of the sound, but he did not detect any heat source. He quickly crouched and quietly moved to the broken window, then slowly poked his head up and looked outside.

What he saw shocked him.

He saw a young man wearing the Dragon Guard\'s standard armor in the wreckage outside the subway. The youth sniffed around with his head up and seemed to smell something, then followed the smell toward Dean\'s carriage. His pace was a little strange, staggering and wobbling.

Dean had a familiar feeling when he saw this strange walking posture. He kept staring at the youth, and suddenly his face changed. He saw that the armor of this youth was badly damaged, and his cervical vertebra was tilted for about 70 degrees. It seemed to be broken. Above all, his left shoulder was badly mangled and hollow, as if something had bitten off a piece of the flesh.

However, the most eye-catching thing was his face. A pair of pupils suffused with green light, a slightly opened mouth, and jagged, sharp teeth that were covered with blood.


Dean was surprised. He did not expect him to be a Dragon Guard that was infected with the Zombie virus. Could it be that there was a Zombie King nearby?

During the time he spent with Ian and others, Dean knew more about the monsters and the Zombies that often appeared in the Wasteland, and the ones that he needed to keep his vigilance against, including the "Zombie King".

The so-called Zombie King was the super Zombie that had mutated several times. The hunting level was extremely high. Even the lowest Zombie King\'s level was more than 40, and the stronger Zombie King\'s level could reach more than 90!

The difference between the Zombie King and ordinary Zombie was that Zombie King could reproduce itself and created a new Zombie King!

In addition, the Zombie King seemed to be able to control the ordinary Zombies. When the Zombie King appeared, it was usually accompanied by the Zombie Tide. Even the Pioneer powerhouses did not want to encounter such a tricky monster like the Zombie King.

"The Zombie virus that infected this Dragon Guard was mostly from the Zombie King." Dean\'s countenance changed, "In other words, there is a Zombie King in this 3rd area of Orange Wasteland!"

The danger of the Zombie King was no less than the legendary monsters! And unlike the legendary monsters, the Zombie King did not have such a fascinating treasure like the legendary Parasitic Soul Worm, so no one was willing to take the risk of killing the Zombie King. Although killing the advanced monsters was the Pioneers\' duty, the monsters in the Wasteland were inexhaustible. Unless it was an order from the higher authorities, the Pioneers would stay away from the Zombie King.

When Dean was thinking, the Zombie seemed to smell the blood from Haisha\'s wounds and walked wobbly toward the subway. His pace was getting faster and faster. His irises, which were several times smaller that almost all of his eyes were white, were now rotating. His throat sent out gurgling sounds that sounded like he was excited.

Dean\'s face sank, and then he raised his hand and grabbed the dagger on the seat next to him. He slammed his foot and jumped straight out of the broken window. His figure was like a ray of light, shooting straight toward the chest of the Zombie.

In front of Dean\'s sudden attack, the Zombie suddenly stopped and screamed hoarsely, like a sad cry, and yet, like a sinister laugh. The Zombie\'s body suddenly twisted like a flexible snake and dodged the dagger that was aimed at his throat, then his body leaned back, and with his hands as supports, the Zombie somersaulted backward several times to open the distance.

Dean was shocked. This Zombie actually knew how to dodge? And the movements were so fluid? It was totally different from the previous stiff and weird walking posture.


After pulling away, the Zombie screamed lowly like he was crying, but his expression was extremely ferocious. Rushing toward Dean, this Zombie was not like the usual unintelligent Zombies at all, but like a smart assassin, the pace was brisk. The zombie disappeared in front of Dean\'s eyes, leaving only a shadow, and the next moment suddenly appeared on Dean\'s left.

Dean could barely react and overwhelmed with shock. He suddenly saw the Zombie, which had disheveled hair and a mouth full of sharp teeth, lifted his ferocious face and bit him.


The Zombie sharply bit on Dean\'s left shoulder, and his two hands bear-hugged Dean\'s body, holding it tightly. The power was unusually strong, completely different from the ordinary Dragon Guards, far more than Dean\'s imagination.

Dean saw that his left shoulder was bitten by the Zombie. Although there was no pain, there was some panic in his heart. After all, the Zombie\'s teeth had the Zombie virus. Once he got bitten, he would be infected!

He hurriedly tried to break free, but the Zombie\'s hands were hugging his body, and the power was so strong it almost broke his bones. This power was several times stronger than him, absolutely not a power that a Frontiersman could have.

Dean\'s face changed. He was anxious, angry, and somewhat afraid. He twisted his arms and tried to break away from the Zombie\'s hug, but his arms could not move at all.

He hurriedly threw his body to the ground and rolled several times together with the Zombie. The Zombie, seemed to be unaware of pain, still held Dean tightly and kept biting his shoulder. The shoulder armor had been torn, and the flesh inside had been bitten.

"Do you want to eat me alive?" Dean was furious. The fear inside his heart turned into an anger. He raised his head and headbutted ferociously at the Zombie\'s head.

Bam! The Zombie\'s head was hit hard.

The Zombie seemed to be dizzy, and the hug suddenly loosened.

Dean didn\'t expect it would work. Now that he got the chance, he hurriedly raised his right hand and thrust the dagger into the Zombie\'s eye. The Zombie failed to react in time, and the dagger pierced through his eye.

"Hou!" The Zombie screamed miserably. The sound was actually similar to the roar of a beast; the vocal cord seemed to be badly damaged. The painful scream turned into a human crying voice from time to time.

Dean gritted his teeth and twisted the dagger.


Blood was flowing out from the Zombie\'s eye socket. The Zombie\'s scream was getting bigger and bigger as the dagger was twisted around.

When the dagger was thrust into the brain, the Zombie\'s scream suddenly stopped. The struggling hands stopped moving and fell weakly.

Dean was startled and immediately remembered about the Cold Crystal in the Zombie\'s head. The dagger seemed to have hit a hard object, most likely poked onto the Cold Crystal, which then killed the Zombie.