The Dark King - Chapter 539: Smart Pigs

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Chapter 539: Smart Pigs

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When the Wing Family\'s youth was trying to lure the Parasitic Soul Worm from the corpse, Du Dian and his team were still frozen in place. This was an excellent opportunity to escape, but they didn\'t move at all.

Everyone knew that the first one to move would surely be attacked.

They were all smart people, but now they were like a group of smart pigs. No one was willing to be a cannon fodder and created a chance for others to escape. Their final result would only be killed one by one!

Cold sweat ran down Ian\'s back. He felt some dryness in his throat and stiffly swallowed the saliva. He knew what was waiting for them once the youth got the Parasitic Soul Worm; however, he also knew that the first one to move would never have a good end.

Therefore, he could only endure.

His only chance was when the others couldn\'t endure it anymore.

He, however, wasn\'t the only one who had this idea.

The time went by, every second felt like an eternity, giving them a sense of suffering.

Du Dian\'s expression looked ugly. They would die if the situation continued like this, but no one could break this stalemate. He was at wit\'s end.

He suddenly realized, human nature was the true dead end.

He no longer pinned his hope on the three people, his vision slowly shifted to the surrounding area. He thought fast, and his eyes narrowed slightly. His only chance of survival was to escape immediately when the youth picked up the Parasitic Soul Worm!

At that time, the youth would least likely to pursue and attack.

He couldn\'t wait any longer. Everyone was afraid of death, and no one was willing to move first. The final result would only be the annihilation of their team.

After noticing that the Parasitic Soul Worm was gone, the youth slowly rose and walked toward them.

Seeing this scene, Du Dian immediately stopped.

He didn\'t notice whether this youth had received the Parasitic Soul Worm. Was his speed so fast that his eyes couldn\'t keep up? Did he really receive it?

Or... there was no Parasitic Soul Worm inside the corpse?!

"You guys..." the youth\'s expression was much colder than before, "Who has the Parasitic Soul Worm?"

They were stunned.

Du Dian thought of his previous guess. Out of survival instinct, he reacted instantly and pointed his finger at Ian, saying, "On him."

Ian was shocked when he saw Du Dian pointing his finger at him. Full of cold sweat, he hastily said, "No, not on me, he\'s lying!"

"Really?" The youth looked indifferent and moved slowly toward Ian, extending his hand and saying, "Hand it over."

Ian looked at him in horror. Suffocating in fear, he realized that it was useless to explain. The youth might not believe Du Dian at all, but they were all lambs to be slaughtered. It didn\'t matter which order to start, the youth could always search them one by one. However, he was the first one!

With this thought in mind, his cheek twitched, and his face became somewhat distorted. Clenching his teeth, he flung his knife toward the youth. At the same time, he grabbed Rosemary that was standing beside him; he wanted to push her toward the youth and buy himself time. He knew that in front of this youth, Rosemary could casually be killed like an ant. But Rosemary would probably struggle. Even if her struggle could only buy him one second, it was better than nothing!

However, at the same time as Ian\'s attack, Rosemary suddenly twisted her body into a weird pose that the human body couldn\'t possibly accomplish. She easily grabbed Ian\'s wrist, pulled his body toward the youth, then borrowed the momentum to run down the mountain.

Ian was dumbfounded.

The moment his body was tilted forward, his mind was blank.

Du Dian and Ruby reacted instantly. Although they were surprised at this rapid change, their bodies didn\'t stop at all and immediately ran down the mountain using the same route. Although by using different routes they could avoid being all captured in one go, they were the most familiar with this route. This route was also the flattest and could maximize their speeds, so all of them chose this route.

For a moment, all three of them ran to the same place.

Ian fell on the ground. While trying to stand up, he saw the youth\'s feet in front of him. He suddenly stiffened and raised his head slowly.

The youth picked up Ian\'s body just like an eagle picking up a chicken. His eyes still locked on the people who ran down the mountain.

Ian\'s heart was thumping madly, opening his mouth slightly, "My lord, I can tell you—"

His voice stopped abruptly.

The youth used his other hand to grab and lightly twist Ian\'s face. Click ! Ian\'s neck was broken. Until the last moment of his death, he still didn\'t have the courage to fight back.

Whoosh !

The youth effortlessly threw Ian\'s corpse away, and then his figure swayed, disappearing from his current position.

In the rugged foothills, three figures were running quickly.

Gradually, one of the figures was reaching the front at an astonishing speed. It was Du Dian.

Whoosh !

Two thin wings stretched out from the small gap on the back of his armor. It was translucent like the wings of insects, and the flapping frequency was extremely high, almost invisible to the naked eye. Driven by the Splitter wings, like a ray of black light, Du Dian overtook Rosemary. Soon after, he reached the foot of the mountain, leaving Rosemary and Ruby far behind.

"Suicidal..." Du Dian didn\'t look back, but he could observe the situation behind him. He knew that they would be caught sooner or later, so he needed to find a way to get rid of that youth\'s pursuit.

His wings were one of the cards which he relied on, but it had no advantage in front of the youth. The huge bat wings would most likely have a much greater speed than his wings.

Besides, the youth came from Wing Family, and most of them had some special flying skills.

"Ahh!" Suddenly, a scream came from behind.

Du Dian\'s pupils contracted. That was Ruby\'s voice. Clearly, he was in distress. He paid attention to the sound\'s location, and his face suddenly changed. The distance wasn\'t close to his position, but the distance to the cave was farther. This meant the youth could catch up within a short time, which showed that the youth was faster than him.