The Dark King - Chapter 314

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The Dark King – Chapter 314

Sergei and other saw the scene. Sergei shook his head while Nicholas sighed: “The weight of the spear is too heavy. The rope isn’t able to pull it properly. The distance of the 100 meters isn’t much and the shooter would be in a dangerous situation.”

Sergei nodded: “yes.”

Dudian looked at the shark spear as he delved into thoughts. Although he had expected that there will be a problem with the rope but still decided to try out. Now it was a fact and there were to solutions that came to his mind at the moment. The first was to reduce the weight of the spear. The second solution was to increase the elasticity of the crossbow. If he went with the first solution then the lethality of the spear would reduce. In that case even if the shark spear hit the target it didn’t mean that it would be able to pierce through.

As for the second solution. The reinforced eagle tendon rope was already the best product that he could get.

Sergei, Gwyneth and others put away these things as Dudian looked up at the spear and crossbow. He needed more time to think about a solution.

Dudian commanded Nicholas to serve breakfast. He checked the newspapers to see the movements from the Temple and Mellon consortium.

“The youngest ‘epoch’ medal winner in the history, the inventor of the legendary new textile machine, four-star military cross has come up with new work. We have learned that the new item is not belonging to wood element faction but to another rare faction… ”

Dudian saw the special newspaper by the Temple. The top of the front page was occupied by headlines which highlighted himself. It has to be noted that only the master level figures were in headlines in the past. This alone would surprise a lot of people and would raise his identity as an architect.

Although he was aware that the information about him submitted a new work would leak out sooner or later but Dudian didn’t expect that it would cause such a big concern. He had two inventions and the military crossbow was the lowest while the new type of the textile machine was a legendary item and opened a new era of thought. Now his third work was topic of discussion. If it was evaluated as a two star or a three star item then he would enter a buffer phase. Moreover his ‘genius’ myth would burst out and he would fade away from the attention of public.

Dudian put down the newspaper and gently rubbed his fingers. He took another newspaper which was published by an agency under Mellon consortium’s wings. The vast majority of the ordinary civilians weren’t aware that consortia were behind the shadows and controlled the newspaper agencies. So the power of influence of the propaganda by the newspapers was at an all time high.

“According to the internal staff from the Temple of Elements “genius” Dean has come up with a new invention. The success rate is very low… ”

“According to the showgirl Inna working in Moulin Rouge, mr Dean has accompanied her to sing and dance… ”

Dudian checked the other pages before putting away the newspaper. He thought that the girl Inna was perhaps an unknown singer. People from Mellon consortium had invited her to discredit his reputation. Most probably the girl wanted to be famous in a short term so she had agreed. Although Dudian had expected the Mellon consortium to make a move but he would never imagine that they would go with such a despicable method. Everything was nonsense but he couldn’t fight back. If he sued the newspaper then they would shirk the responsibility upon the singer. If he sued the girl then his image was bound to be entangled with the girl. He was defeated no matter which method he choose to counterattack.

The public loved gossips such as this and it was the best topic for people to talk after a sip of wine. The only way to counter-attack was through the invention of his new works.

“A group of rat excrement …” Dudian slightly narrows his eyes. Although he was a calm and rational person but as a teenager he was agitated. He chest was boiling with fury and rage.

Dudian finished his breakfast and came back to the training field. He stroked the crossbow as he thought about methods to improve his chances.

Temple of Elements.

Master Eivissa stood in an empty room. He was like a frozen structure as he held on to the design. He carefully observed the various parts of the drawing. Theoretically speaking there were a thing or two which he couldn’t understand as he wrinkled his brows. He turned to the second drawing and afterwards continued to check the first.

“This …” Master Eivissa blinked: “Who has come up with this?”

No one answered to his question.

The servant standing by the side gave a grave look.

Master Eivissa turned over the manuscript once more. He looked back at the servant: “Who is the architect that has invented this?”

“Sorry Master but it is confidential. I’m not aware of the identity of the architect.” The waiter respectfully replied.

Eivissa was startled. He bowed his head in anxiety. He was confused! He looked at manuscripts: “There are clouds in the sky…Tomorrow it should rain and we can check the effect of this item against the thunder…If successful…” His eyelids flapped like the wings of a bird: “The value of this item is too big.”

Thunderbolts would hit the houses of many residents and castle of nobles during the rainy season and black snow season. The damage to the houses was a small matter but the death of civilians was a great problem. Every year the number of people dying through this would amount to one-third of the people who died because of the plagues.

“Yes.” The waiter respectfully nodded as he heard the words of master Eivissa.

Ibiza put down the design manuscript and turned away from the open room.

In the blink of an eye two days passed.

The biggest news for the last days in the paper published by the Temple was the new research of Dudian. However the largest news in the other newspapers was the fierce competition and friction between Mellon consortium and Scott consortium. Both of them were involved in mining industry and there was a price war going between them right now. Because of the war there was great need for raw materials and these two consortia fought for the largest share. The military newspaper highlighted the events from the battlefield. Moreover their recorded heroic deeds of some soldiers.


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