The Dark King - Chapter 298

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The Dark King – Chapter 298

BTW, I would like to thank Slashy for the term “Splitty”



Dudian was rushing through the grasses when his foot kicked a hard object. His body stumbled as he almost fell down. He used his hands to press to the ground to go forward while he heard a low roar coming from behind. He couldn’t help but look back.

He saw that a monster looking like a turtle with a very long tail poked its head through the grasses. It’s body scales looked as rough as a rock. It seemed that it was taking a nap in the grasses. The turtle was awakened and shook its body. Its head turned towards Dudian and then quickly turned back to the other side.

Splitty was standing a bit away from them. It stopped as its emerald green eyes looked at the stone turtle with ferocious and bloodthirsty killing intent. Both of them were confronting each other.

Dudian didn’t stop for long as he turned around and ran.

He had recognized the monster. It was called stone turtle. At adult stage they reached level twenty two. The stone turtles had strong defense. Even a senior hunter would find it difficult to leave scars on its armor. The only way humans were able to hunt it using methods such as fire, anesthesic poison and so on.

Dudian heard a roar came from behind after he run for few hundred meters. It seems both of hem were fighting each other. He didn’t hope that stone turtle would be able to kill the splitty but Dudian hoped that it would rely on its hard defense and delay time for him to run away.

“The little ancestor is relying on the smell of blood from my body to track me. If I can use the blood of other monsters or even mud to eliminate the smell then maybe I can get rid of the…” Dudian’s eyes lit up as he remembered the stone turtle. He was beginning to think of different way from this situation. He saw small water basins. He carefully checked around to confirm that there were no monsters lurking inside. Dudian used his palms to grab mud from the swamp and smear on his on body.

As Dudian was about to finish half of his body when he heard the rustling sounds of the grass. He turned back to see the black spot sweet through the bushes. It was splitty!

“Really?!” Dudian’s eyes shrank. Did it take it half a minute for it to finish the battle?

Dudian’s face changed as he saw the scythes of the splitty stained with blood. He changed his mind about continuing to smear mud on his body. He knew that if he completely covered the blood stains with the mud then he would be the target of its hunting. He began to run as he thought about the map.

It didn’t take long for him to reach area no 2 of the death passage. He was calculating time in his mind. Thirty minutes had almost passed. Most probably at the other side the adult splitter was in a horrified situation in the nest. If it maxed up its speed then the adult splitter could reach his location in about five minutes. According to his estimates Dudian had five minutes of lifetime.

“It’s too short. I need at least fifteen minutes to reach the entrance of the giant wall.” Dudian’s face turned ugly as he thought about the mutated crocodiles in the swamp. He changed his direction and ran towards the swamp.

He reached the swamp in about two minutes.

However he was shocked when he saw the scene in the basin. Previously the swamp was covered in dark green plants and bushes. It was a great place for mutated crocodiles to camouflage. However the place was in a mess at the moment. There were scratches which were seven or eight feet large. There was blood stains scattered all over the mud. Claws of the crocodiles were scattered around the place.

Apparently the adult splitter had come over here to hunt the mutated crocodiles. Last time he was able to lure out three mutated crocodiles while the others seems to have gone back to the swamp because of the fear of the twin-headed snake lizard. However the brutal end that they had was no different. The area was swept clean by the adult splitter.

Dudian’s eyes recovered as he looked around the area. He found some vines and pulled them off. He wrapped the vines tightly over a collapsed boulder. The he held onto them as he run into the basin.

Splitty who had reached the place hissed and rushed in after Dudian. There was a trace of low roar as it followed after Dudian.

Dudian continued on as he saw splitty rush after him.

After seven or eight steps Dudian saw his feets get covered and tangles with mud. His speed sharply dropped and each step felt deeper and harder. After sixteen steps he was unable to rapidly move as he was drenched almost to his knee in the mud. He pulled the tight vines as he crawled out from the other side.


There was a low cry with a trace of fear in it.

Dudian looked back and saw the splitty’s body had fallen into the swamp. It’s huge body and sharp scythes made it fell deeper than himself.

Dudian was relieved as he climbed out of the swamps using the vines. He climbed out to the dry shore and shook the mud. He heard the panicky call from behind. He looked back and saw the splitty was submerged half its body in the swamp. It was agitated as it tried to use its scythes to move fast but instead felt more deeper. It seemed that splitty was calling out for help.

Dudian’s face slightly changed but he continued to ran away.

There was urgency in his heart as he splintered.

In about two minutes Dudian reached the outer edge of the area no 1. He didn’t encounter any monsters on the way. It seems that the adult splitter had preyed upon all of them. Or his fire method had killed them.


A voice echoed from behind.

Dudian’s heart jumped in shock as he looked back.

He saw a figure chasing after him.

How did it climb out?

How can it be?!!!

Dudian was shocked but he soon noticed the transparent wings behind the splitty’s ‘spine.’ They were vibrating as it moved. Actually the splitty was moving much faster than before and it seemed that it would fly up at any time.

Does it have wings?

Is it a flying monster?!

Dudian hurried to ran forward as fast as he could.

It didn’t take long before splitty running side by side with Dudian. It’s head which was protected by the edge of its scythes turned over as it hissed in low tone. It seems splitty was greeting Dudian.

Dudian was amused but relieved to see that it didn’t have any intention to attack himself. However he was on constant alert as he ran. Because monster’s behavior was just too unpredictable.

Splitty’s wings trembled as the mud on it shook and twisted. The wings were like the ones you could see on normal insects. It didn’t take long for it to be able to fly. It flied by Dudian’s side. Afterwards it begin to make circles around Dudian.

Dudian was having a headache but he didn’t dare to speak. He couldn’t wait for the moment when he would kick the hell out of the splitty.

In about seven or eight minutes Dudian finally reached the heavy iron gate of the death passage. He was relieved. Moreover the adult splitter hadn’t chased it yet. It seems it was a sheer luck for it to take more time to prey in comparison to previous hunts.

However Dudian didn’t dare to stay here for long. If he didn’t get through the gate he could be kill after a minute or two.

He quickly raised the gate and went inside.


Splitty made a sharp call in anxious tone as it saw Dudian go inside.

Dudian didn’t dare to let it inside as he pulled down the iron gate in haste.

Bang! Bang!

The violent kicking sounds echoed as he pulled down the heavy iron plate.

Dudian’s face turned ugly as he was about to run through the passage. Suddenly he thought that if the adult splitter came over and saw the splitty’s naught actions then it will be aware that this iron gate was something abnormal. If the adult splitter attacked it then the iron gate was bound to be cut off!

In this case the secret passage will be exposed.

“If the adult splitter comes inside then … the entire giant wall will be its feeding ground!” Dudian continued to brainstorm: “Although the life of others doesn’t have anything to do with me but teams would be send to capture the splitty and the adult splitter. Moreover if they capture the adult splitter they would get all the benefits!”

He hesitated as he thought about everything.

If at this point there were others who would observe the logic of Dudian then they would be vomiting blood in anger. Dudian was planning to resolve a crisis by putting the foundation for another but bigger one!

Dudian decided: “I gotta take the risk!”

As he was in the passage the security of his life has also greatly improved. The first thought that came to his mind was to find a way to kill the adult splitter. After all, it is a legendary monster! It would be more than ten times harder than killing a rare monster! Moreover if it intruded into the giant wall then it would be bound to be encircled and hunted!

Moreover, Dudian believed that there would be powers in inner area who have evaluated this kind of a monster barging into the giant wall. So there has to be a scout which observes such situations. Even if they won’t have a way to suppress the monster but they will rely on tactics to kill it.

Dudian knew that giant wall of Silvia can’t be terrorized by monsters even if they were able to burst inside. Or else the system couldn’t live through three hundred years!

But he wouldn’t get any benefits at all if the splitters were killed at the hands of others!