The Dark King - Chapter 295

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The Dark King – Chapter 295

Dudian felt bitter.

He had to admit that the splitter’s ability to seal the cave was good. No matter how many times he had come over to check there wasn’t a single omission! Every time it has strictly closed the place. Dudian thought that not even humans would be able to maintain consistence as this monster.

Dudian’s palm were placed on boulder as he tried to push it. As long as he was able to escape from this place he would have chance to live. He was able to live through the life and death battle but these layers over layers of boulders were just too much.

Dudian was frustrated because of lack of power. He was clutching to the head of young splitter while the other hand was pressed against the boulder. He planned to put away the young splitter’s head to use both hands to push the boulder when an idea flashed through his mind.

The splitter was a legendary monster so it had to have worms that he could use to get magic marks.

If he used it to replace his own magic marks then maybe he would be able to break out from the place.

Immediately, he used both hands to pick the head of the young splitter. He touched along the shell as he looked for the parasitic worm. He couldn’t find it so he rushed back to the cave. He checked its body and the blood that had flown down to the ground.

The parasitic worm wasn’t in its head.

There was no parastic worms in the corpse too.

Dudian bent over and looked through the blood that was flown to the ground. His heart was tense as he checked the place. He knew that when the child is born there is a parasitic soul worm but it sleeps within the body. After the larval stage it would begin to absorb the nutrients form the body of the host and learn its genetic charasteristics. Afterwards it will begin to change the genetic fragments of the host’s body giving it magic marks. However it wasn’t guaranteed that the process was so but it was an assumption.

Moreover it has been only five days that the young splitter had hatched from the egg.

The parasitic worm was likely to be in its body. At the moments of its death it should have aborted out.

Dudian carefully searched through the place. The longer it took him the more distant the hope of finding the parasitic worm became. He search back and forth for several times but still couldn’t find the shadow of the parasitic worm.

The last trace of the hope ignited in Dudian’s heart was sadly extinguished.


As he was sitting in the blood he heard crisp sounds coming off from the cave. Because of the silence of the cave the sound echoed loudly.

Dudian was confused as he quickly got up and walked around the corpse of the young splitter. He followed the source of the sound. His face was shocked when he saw the sight. There were many huge bones scattered around. They looked like a weed nest but made out of bones. There were six white oval eggs in these.

The sounds were coming off from one of the eggs. It was fragmented at this point.

There was a broken eggshell which belonged to the young splitter which he had killed. Now there were another six! Moreover one of them was hatching right now!

Dudian wryly smiled as he stood there like a sculpture for a long time. The vast majority of the beasts were different from humans. A pregnant woman would give birth in nine months. She would occasionally give birth to twins or maybe to few triplets. But beasts giving birth to seven or eight offsprings was very normal. Moreover some fish gave birth to thousands but the number of surviving offsprings would not be much.

Such birth habits of the beasts apparently had been transferred to the monsters. Actually the monsters would be at their weak state in their pregnancy. They would lack food and security. It seems that by multiple birth the splitter tries to enhance the survival rate of its kind.

“Should I fight?” Dudian was silently watch as he stood still. Although it was the best moment to attack but he knew that even if he killed this little thing his situation wouldn’t change much. His last day would come when the adult splitter would be back. The adult had prepared him as a whetstone for its child. However this whetstone had killed its children. It naturally wouldn’t let other children encounter such a danger.

However, he would die if he didn’t fight!

Dudian looked at the egg and sighed. There was a proverb that if a person was able to live another second then it was an additional second of life. Moreover if he was able to kill this monster then the future hunters would be more secure. Even if he died in here but Old Fulin could recruit more hunters in the future to come out to hunt in this region. However if there were number of splitters in this region then this place was really going to become a ‘death passage.’

Dudian picked up his dagger and touched the egg.


The egg was completely cracked.

There was a figure wrapped in viscous liquid. It opened its eyes and curiously looked to the outside world. Its scythe limbs contracted. The first thing it did was to focus on Dudian who was next to the egg. It’s long and sharp scythe arm stretched out towards him. Although it was just moments ago but its limbs were very sharp.

Dudian didn’t thin that the newborn would hatch out form the egg and stay in a defensive posture. Moreover compared to the previous young splitter this one was a bit light colored.

He stopped moving as there was no chance of winning against it.

The newly born splitter went out of the eggshell and rushed towards Dudian.

Dudian hurried back as his face slightly changed.

The young splitter saw Dudian running away so it followed it. However its green eyes blinked as it looked at Dudian. They had reached the place with monster corpses. It suddenly raised one of its scythes and grabbed part of a monster. It threw it away at Dudian.

Dudian made a few steps backwards so that he would not be hit by the part of the monster.

The young splitter blinked its eyes few more times then it no longer looked at Dudian. Instead it bowed its head and began to eat, chew and swallow the corpses of monsters.

Dudian was startled. He didn’t think that the young splitter wouldn’t attack himself. Does it feel that his body isn’t as delicious as the bloody corpses of these monsters? Or does it want to eat first and then deal with him?

In any case there was a great opportunity in front of him. He quickly threw out the dagger and rushed at it.


The dagger was shot but the young splitter which was focused on eating waved one of its limbs and shoot down the dogger.

The young splitter growled as its raised its scythes.

“Good reaction!” Dudian’s face slightly changed as he stopped in hurry. The same trick had failed. The former one didn’t have time to respond and the distance wasn’t such long. However now there was a big distance between them and as a result the young splitter had sufficient time to respond to his dagger attack.

Dudian ran up the mountain of dead bodies.

The young splitter saw that Dudian ran away so it stopped concerning itself with him and bowed to eat.

Dudian saw that the young splitter didn’t care about his existence. He began to think about other methods to deal with it.

The young splitter had devoured enough food. It shook its body as it waved its scythe like arms. The young splitter seemed excited as it went to the walls to grind its blade on them. Dudian thought that it had completely forgotten about his existence.

Dudian had long come up with a plan as he thought that the young splitter would come over to attack him. He was shocked to see that it didn’t.

“Why? What’s going on?” Dudian was at a loss: “It seems that it is not hostile towards me…How…why?”

His facial expressions were funny as he stared at the young splitter: “Does it… it treats me as its sibling? Do it think that I’m its mother?”