The Dark King - Chapter 142

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The Dark King – Chapter 142


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Thorn Flower Prison also is known as “The First Prison of Sylvia”!

The fame of the prison has overshadowed some of the ancient noble families. In addition to relevant personnel, only a select few knew about its location.

At the moment, a giant steel carriage shook once in a while as it moved. The cage was covered with a black cloth and tied in different places with rope to prevent the wind to open it.

A total of twelve official knights from the magistrate were in charge of escorting the prisoners.

Even though they were not matched to the Knights of Light, but twelve of the knights of the magistrate were equivalent to a thousand guards army combat potential.

The carriage stopped as the black fabric covering it was lifted off. A figure sitting cross-legged was revealed.

Dudian had been hungry for seven days in the detention house of the former prison. His hair was scattered, his skin was pale. At the moment his hands and feet were bound by a sturdy metal chain, limit his action.

“Get down,” One of the knights lightly shouted.

He raised his head and looked around the carriage. His eyes flashed as he saw the structure called Thorn Flower Prison. The prison was located in the middle of a lake. At the moment, in addition to the aisle that connected the land mass to prison, all the other sides were water. A huge shadow was faintly visible as it swam in the lake.

“There is nothing to see! Come Down!” The young knight chided him.

Dudian slowly stood up and patted the dust off his body. He went off the carriage.

“Go!” The knight next to him holds down onto Dudian’s shoulder.

Dudian stared at him coldly, “I’ll go.”

The knight frowned: “Then walk briskly! ”

Dudian stepped into the human-made aisle constructed of stones. In the front, there was a huge black castle-like prison. As he walked, the metal chain bound to his ankles were dragged and made ringing sounds.


Suddenly waves poured out from the lake next to the aisle. Two meter long fish jumped out of the water while an eight-meter long crocodile-like monster crest into the sky after it. The fish was dangling from its mouth as it sinks down to the lake.

Dudian carefully looked at it slightly squinting his eye.

“Don’t look at it!” The knight next to him sneered.

Dudian quietly took back, his eyes as he continued to walk.

They reached the end of the aisle. The top part of the prison was surrounded by gardens. At the moment, many servants were cutting down the lawn and watering the garden.

“Go in, the prison is under the garden,” said one of the knights.

Along the stone trail in the garden, they went to the gate of the castle prison.

They entered a luxurious and spacious lobby. Dudian saw seven or eight jailers sitting in the lobby, eating snacks, drinking coffee, chatting and joking with each other. If they didn’t have uniforms and badges on their shoulders, Dudian would have thought that he was in a high-end restaurant in the commercial district.

People in the lobby looked at them. A few of them had charming smiles on their faces as they looked at Dudian.

“It’s my first to see such a small one. ”

“He is my dish.”

“There is a new plaything.”

“Last time, it was too weak to play as he died after several times.”

Dudian’s hearing was extraordinary so he could hear clearly all the whispering sounds of conversation happening in the lobby.

“Quickly take him down!” One of the jailer’s sitting close to the door ordered.

A knight ordered: “Come with me.” They went through a dark corridor that led them into the underground.

The basement was an interrogation room full of tools for torture. All of them were stained with blood, some of them had remained of flesh on them.

Dudian looked gloomy.

The jailer sitting at a counter next to the interrogation room saw Dudian and others coming.: “a newcomer?

The knight said to him: “This is his information. We are here to give him to you. ” Then he handed out a document to the young jailer.

Prison guard took a look at the documents: “His crime is theft?! Are you sure there is nothing wrong? A thief has been sent to us?” However, when he checked the file below, he realized the circumstances, “Oo, poor little guy.” The guard didn’t have sympathy but gloating on his face. Afterward, he put the documents on top of the counter and said to Dudian: “Little guy, take off your clothes.”

Dudian slightly frowned and didn’t comply.

“Well, well, well. Who have we got here! I haven’t eaten all day long, so let’s cut the formalities.” The guard stood up and went to the side. He brought up a big bucket of water and splashed onto Dudian’s head.

Dudian’s head was down as he slightly clenched fists.

The jailer youth caught a glimpse of Dudian’s fists and sneered: “He is angry now. Do you want to get revenge? I like ones like you. The ones who think they are tough. They seem to be very hard to break at first… Now, I will make you squat and check out your ass. Let me see if there is anything hidden inside!”

Dudian looked up at him.

“Little devil, it’s better to comply with them.” The knight from the magistrate who was standing behind Dudian seemed to know the inside information. He had a trace of regret as he looked at Dudian: “Although you are to here to reprieve for your crimes. But after you enter this place, basically there is no room for a return. It’s best not to provoke these distorted devils or else they will torture you to death. You better listen to them.”

There was a touch of a smile on jailer youth’s face who heard knight’s words.: “You are totally wrong. In this prison, we are not devils but holy angels.”

The knight’s brows wrinkled.

The jailer youth smiled: “If you ever commit a crime and get distributed to here. I promise you. I’ll love you!”

“I hope so.” The knight sneered.

The jailer recovered his eyes and looked at Dudian who was standing in front. His face sand: “Kid, are you deaf or dumb? Don’t you understand what I have told you? Why are you so stubborn?” He grabbed a steel pipe from the side and hit Dudian’s shoulder.

Bang! Dudian felt the pain and looked at the jailer youth like a ferocious beast.


One punch was enough to make the young jailer fly. Sounds of broken bones echoed out as the jailer youth’s body inverted out and hit the torture device.



The knights quickly scolded him and approached from behind to pull back Dudian.

Dudian roared and waved his hand. Dudian grabbed the knight who was about to pull him and throw him to the side. He rolled over and got up. The knight was stunned at his strength.

The other knight who was the leader shoved a kick to Dudian’s back. He was fast and had great strength. Dudian’s turned but failed to react. He was kicked and fell to the ground.

At this time, the other knights of magistrate rushed into action and pressed Dudian onto the ground.

Dudian’s eyes were red as he was tightly staring at the knights who had knocked him down. Dudian was struggling, but his arms, legs even his neck was tightly held the knights. He was almost out of breath, let alone to break free from their grasp. Although the common formal knights of the magistrate were not his opponents, at the moment, they had swarmed up. It was difficult for him to match them.

Moreover, the leader of the knights had the strength similar to an intermediate level hunter.

At this time, the jailer who was punched by Dudian stood up and came to him.

The jailer youth was sweating in pain as he looked at Dudian and growled: “Kid, I’m going to peel your skin!” He was too emotional as his chest injury was affected. The jailer spouted blood and fainted.

One of the knight’s asked their leader: “What should we do now?”

“Send him to the hospital and inform the others,” replied the leader.

About four or five guards of the prison had come down the corridor. They didn’t expect that the new little guy had so much power that so many knights would be needed to keep him in check.

“You should take him to a cell! We got to go back,” the leader of knights said to the oncoming prison guards.

They looked at each other and went around to find chains. One of them told the knights: “Help us to lock up this kid on the cross.”

The six knights who were holding Dudian down and looked at their leader.

The leader of knights frowned, but nodded.

Six knights who were locked on Dudian’s hands, feet and head moved him to the cross. Firstly, Dudian’s hands were locked to the iron cross. Secondly, they put a steel hoop around his chest. Dudian’s height was smaller than an adult’s, so his feet were locked close to the ground.

Dudian struggled, but the six knights were experienced. They had locked him from joints so he couldn’t muster up power. He helplessly looked as they locked him to the frame.

“Let’s go.” The leader knew what was going to happen until he ordered the others to leave.

The other trials which saw the prison guards take up whips were disgusted and followed their leader up the stairs. They only heard a ‘bang’ sound which echoed after the door was shut.

All five of the prison guards looked at struggling Dudian. One of them laughed.: “No need to struggle, kid.” He pulled up the whip which he was holding. There were sharp nails attached to it.

Dudian stopped struggling as he saw the parts where he was tied to cross showed no signs of loosening.

“I want to live!”


He continued to remind himself in his mind.

Puff! The whip in jailer’s hand moved and hit him. A sharp pain suddenly invaded all his body. It didn’t even take a moment when the whip hit Dudian second time.

“Scream, ah, ah, scream … … … …” the jailer cried in excitement as he used the whip.

Dudian lowered his head as he clenched his teeth.

The other four jailers laughed.

“I like this one. Pay attention to the points!” (TL notes: they are playing a game based on who will hit how many times)

“Get the spikes! ”


One of them went over a box, opened it and took out two finger long metal spikes. They were full of dust, so he just blew it off. It must not have been used for some time, so there is a lot of rust on the spikes, but the prison guard didn’t care. He picked the hammer from the desk and walked over to Dudian.

“It’s been so long that the spikes have rusted.” Another one picked up the spike, he shook his head and laughed.

“Come on, hold him!” the guard holding the hammer said.

Several others went over to hold down Dudian. The man with the hammer put up spike’s sharp edge few inches below Dudian’s shoulder. He raised the hammer and hit the end of the spike.

Puff! The sharp spike pierced into Dudian’s flesh.

What is pain?

He had experienced multiple injuries outside the giant wall. But nothing like this.


The young man raised his hammer and once again hit the spike.

Dudian could not help but scream. He screamed in agony.

The guard began to smile as they heard Dudian’s screams. For a time only mournful screams echoed out from the torture chamber, as well as the sound of hammer hits.

Both spikes were nailed several inches below Dudian’s shoulder blade. In this severe pain, Dudian felt that he was going insane. He found that because of pain his mind couldn’t remember anything. He couldn’t focus his thoughts to remember the sadness, disappointment. Everything was gone, only pain existed.

The guards apparently weren’t going to stop there. They picked up the torture instruments and continued to inflict injuries on Dudian’s body.

A few hours later, the guard dragged the blood dripping body of Dudian through a corridor to one layer below.

It was dimly lit in here. There were yellow oil lamps on the wall. The cells covered in iron pillars and were defected from each other.

“Hey, a newcomer?”

“Poor little guy. The smell of the blood ah … …”

“So small? Gee! Look at this little tender piece of meat.”

“Hey, Sire, please send this little guy to our cell.”

Excited sounds came from both sides. Some people whistled out.

Dudian’s vaguely sensed what they were saying, but couldn’t understand anything.

A voice echoed out close to his ear: “Welcome to our little happy family.”

It was the moment voice echoed that Dudian felt he had been thrown onto a chilled ground. His cheek was attached to the floor. The smell from ground clung to his nose. It was like someone had sprinkled the floor with urine. Because of his habit of cleanliness, he instinctively wanted to raise his head, but the body was full of pain and couldn’t move.

‘Click,’ the cage’s door was locked.

The Prison guards left with a smile.

Suddenly, he felt a big hand holding onto his hair and grab him up. Dudian’s vision was blurred as he couldn’t see the details, but the general structure of a fat face. The man grinned as he said to him: “Devil! What kind of a crime have you committed to being locked up in here? Great though! Great! Ah”

Dudian gasped: “Let me down.”

“What do you say? I can’t hear ya.” The obese man deliberately leaned his ear towards Dudian’s mouth.

Dudian gasped, but didn’t say anything.

The fatty puts Dudian next to a mat. Then he stood up and untied his pants in front of Dudian.

Dudian reluctantly opened his eyes and saw the lower body of the fatty. He understood what the fatty wanted to do. His brain awakened, but his body was painful. He wanted to react, but especially because of the spikes he couldn’t move his arms.

Fatty saw that Dudian had opened his eyes and said: “It’s your turn so enjoy it.”

Dudian stared at him: “I guarantee that you will lose it if you dare to put this thing in my mouth.”

Fatty’s face was cold: “I will instantly smash your head if you dare to bite.”

Dudian stared back at him, “Believe me when I am in pain the first reaction is to clench my teeth!