The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2317 - Are you Surprised?

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Chapter 2317: Are you Surprised?

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But he didn’t expect that Li Jianyue’s duration of anger was a little long this time.

She didn’t pay attention to him anymore for three days in a row.

Li Mosen had recently developed a new project with his classmates. He was so busy that he hadn’t even eaten yet.

He had no choice but to cook two packets of instant noodles for himself. While cooking, Li Mosen called Li Jianyue.

The call went through very quickly. Li Mosen didn’t know if it was his imagination, but he could vaguely hear a silly phone ringing in front of his house.

It sounded like Li Jianyue’s style.

Then, the doorbell rang.

Li Mosen had just put down the noodles. When he heard the doorbell, he asked in English, “Who is it? ”

He turned around and walked to the door. The person on the other end of the phone suddenly picked up the phone.

The voice on the phone and the voice outside the door rang at the same time. “Open the door. ”

Li Mosen was shocked. His actions were faster than his rationality. He twisted the doorknob.

Li Jianyue held a cell phone and smiled brightly. “Hello! ”

A sweet voice sounded in front of him, but Li Mosen froze on the spot.

Li Jianyue saw that he was stunned. She smiled and squeezed in. “It smells so good. Are you cooking instant noodles? ”

With that, she pushed Li Mosen away and walked in with her small pink suitcase. “Oh, I’m so hungry! ”

Li Mosen closed the door and turned to look at Li Jianyue. “How did you… ”

“How did I know you were here? ” Li Jianyue put down the suitcase with a smile and then rushed into the small kitchen. “I have the address! ”

Li Mosen: ” … How could you come alone! ”

“Brother and Brother Chu are coming to attend the seminar, so I came with them.” Li Jianyue touched her stomach, which was growling. “So little, do you have more? ”

Li Mosen was so delighted that he couldn’t help but smile.

He walked to the refrigerator, took out two more packs of instant noodles, opened them, and asked, “Do you want eggs? ”

“Yes! With ham sausage! ”

Li Jianyue rubbed her hands, almost drooling. “Wow, I haven’t eaten instant noodles for a long time! ”

Li Mosen glanced at her. “Go wash your hands. ”

“Okay! ” Li Jianyue left quickly. When she went to the bathroom and washed her hands, Li Mosen had already turned off the fire.

He took out the small pot, and Li Jianyue volunteered to get the bowls and chopsticks. Then, she ate with satisfaction.

Li Mosen looked at Li Jianyue and found that she was more delicate and beautiful than in the video.

The baby fat on her face three years ago had mostly disappeared, and now Li Jianyue was twenty years old and pretty.

Li Mosen’s eyes were gentle, and the curve of his lips could not be suppressed. “Eat slowly. ”

“Ouch! ” Li Jianyue’s mouth was burned, and she quickly fanned herself.

Li Mosen quickly poured her a cup of warm water and put it beside her hand.

It had been a habit for a long time. Even though they had not seen each other for three years, they were still familiar with each other.

Li Mosen’s heart was filled. Looking at her cute little appearance as usual, he asked, “Where is Dasu? ”

Li Jianyue took it and drank it. “They went to the hotel arranged by the seminar. I said I was looking for you. hehe. ”

“You didn’t tell me you were coming, ” Li Mosen complained. “There’s nothing to eat at home. ”

“Fortunately did not tell you, otherwise I can not eat instant noodles! ” Li Jianyue contentedly drank a mouthful of instant noodles soup, “Do you always eat instant noodles? ”