The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2313 - Pay the Price

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Chapter 2313: Pay the Price

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Quan Jingyi immediately said, “I don’t know. I just found out about it. ”

Li Jianyue didn’t believe him.

Seeing this, Quan Jingyi immediately said, “It’s true. She just called me. Her father beat her up because of this. After I found out about it, I took a taxi to your house, and then… ”

“Did you know that she asked me out in your name? ”

Li Jianyue’s words made Quan Jingyi stunned again.

Then, his face became ghastly immediately.

When Li Jianyue saw his reaction, she realized that it seemed that he didn’t know.

“She said that you were drunk, and she hoped that I could go and help her send you back,” Li Jianyue said slowly, “However, when I arrived, I didn’t see you or her. Then, a waiter tricked me into going upstairs. Four men were waiting for me inside. ”

Li Jianqian gritted his teeth. He looked at Quan Jingyi in front of him and wanted to throw him out.

“If Brother Mosen didn’t come quickly… ” Li Jianyue’s eyes were red. “I have always believed in you guys. I treated you as my good friends. It turns out that I was too naive.”

Her voice gradually choked, which made Quan Jingyi’s heart feel like to be tightly twisted, “I… ”

“You can leave now.” Li Jianyue said. “In the future, I won’t treat you as my friend. ”

The words were like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky, and Quan Jingyi was devastated.

With these words, Li Jianyue held Li Jianqian’s hand and walked into Li Mosen’s ward.

Quan Jingyi’s eyes gradually turned red. He stood in the same spot and listened to the sound of the door opening and closing behind him as if he had lost his soul.

In the future, I won’t treat you as my friend anymore.

Quan Jingyi turned his head, but he could only see the tightly shut door of the ward.

He walked towards this ward. Before he got close, he heard Li Jianyue’s low sobs coming from inside.

Then, it was Li Mosen’s voice. “Take it easy. I’m fine. ”

Li Jianyue cried even louder.

It seemed that they talked something else, but Quan Jingyi could only hear a buzzing sound beside his ears.

After standing there for a long time, Quan Jingyi turned around and left the hospital.

After that, Quan Jingyi never saw Li Jianyue again.

It was said that she had transferred to another school.

And Li Mosen had also applied for suspension not long after the accident.

And the issue was found out by Qin Xizao’s school. Qin Xizao, who was 16 years old, was expelled from school. What’s more, because of her father’s dismissal, the house allocated to him was taken back a well.

Later on, Qin Xizao’s father tried to run a business, but it seemed that everyone was deliberately trying to make things difficult for him. Many businesses are failed, and their lives were getting worse day by day.

Quan Jingyi knew that it was all because of Qin Xizao’s mistake.

However, there was no medicine for regret in life.

There was usually a high price to pay for the impulse.

A mistake always is a mistake.

Li Mosen’s body recovered very well. During this period of time, Li Jianyue had been busy taking care of him.

Finally, it was time to be discharged from the hospital. Li Jianyue looked particularly happy. She helped him pack his things and said, “I can finally go home. It’s so uncomfortable to stay in the hospital.”

Su Qianci could not help laughing. “I told you to go back a long time ago. You insisted on staying here with your Brother Mosen. Now you actually complain.”

Li Jianyue stuck out her tongue. “I was just afraid that Brother Mosen would be bored. ”