The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2308 - Hating herself is too painful

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Chapter 2308: Hating herself is too painful

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Li Mosen knew that Li Sicheng was here.

He didn’t want to open his eyes, but the tears flowed down silently.

In the end, he was too late.

If he had arrived earlier, if he had found out earlier, Ersu wouldn’t have been tainted by such a person.

If only he had arrived earlier..

Li Sicheng looked at the adopted son on the bed and was silent for a long time. He said, “Mosen. ”

Li Mosen did not respond. His hands were already gradually clenched.

Li Sicheng saw it clearly and sighed. “I’m sorry. ”

Li Mosen’s eyelids twitched and he finally opened his eyes.

“ERSU’s test results are out, ” Li Sicheng said. “Her hymen is intact. She is fine and has not been violated. ”

His words made Li Mosen’s eyes widen, but then he cried with joy and said with a choked voice, “that’s great… ”

Li Sicheng sighed. “I’m sorry. ”

Li Mosen tried to get up, but he was held down by Li Sicheng. “She is still sleeping. ”

Li Mosen’s tears were obvious. He said, “I want to see her. ”

“Your injury is very serious. You should rest well, ” Li Sicheng said.

Then, out of Li Mosen’s expectation, Li Sicheng sat down in the chair next to him.

Li Mosen felt a little nervous.

Li Sicheng asked, “why did you Kowtow to me when you were in Star City just now? ”

He thought that he had brought Ersu to such a place and did something worse than a beast.

At that time, he had completely lost his ability to judge.

He admitted that he had never trusted this child because of his mother.

However, after he calmed down a little, he found out the truth.

Now that he knew that his daughter was fine, Li Sicheng’s view of the child changed even more.

Facing Li Sicheng’s question, Li Mosen said, “Because, I…I thought Ersu was…”

When he went in, the scar-faced man happened to be lying on Li Jianyue’s body.

So he thought..

When Li Mosen came up with the desperation at that time, he was still very scared, “It’s really… really great that nothing happened to Ersu.”

“What do you plan to do if something happens to her? ” Li Sicheng asked.

“But nothing happened to her! ”

“So, what were you going to do? ” Li Sicheng asked again. “Bow your head to me and say that you were wrong. Do you know what that means if Ersu was really violated? ”

Li Mosen opened his mouth and said in a low voice, “I know. ”

That meant that Li Mosen was going to take the blame and make Li Jianyue even the entire Li family bear grudges for the rest of their lives.

But so what.

Li Mosen’s eyes became gentle, “If something really happened to Ersu, it would be better for her to think that I was the one who violated her. It would be better than letting her know that the person who took away her virginity was actually a total stranger and a terrible person.”

“At least, I’m still someone she can hate. If she can’t hate me, then she can only hate herself.”

“Dad, in that case, she should be in a lot of pain.”

Li Sicheng’s heart was touched by Li Mosen.

He could hardly believe that a 19-year-old child could say such a thing.

Li Sicheng looked at him deeply and said, “I know that you have never really treated Ersu as your sister. ”