The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2304 - If I can’t F*ck You to Death Today, I’ll Eat my Hat!

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Chapter 2304: If I can’t F*ck You to Death Today, I’ll Eat my Hat!

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However, like grasping at a life-saving straw, Li Jianyue said , “Uncle, save me! I’m only seventeen years old! What’s more, my father, my father is Li Sicheng! Do you know Li Sicheng? Even if you don’t know my father, you must know the LS group, which is our family’s group! “I am Li Jianyue, don’t bully me, I will ask my father to give you money! ”

Hearing this, the men at present were shocked.


“She is Li Sicheng’s daughter? ”

“Are you talking about the Li Sicheng who destroyed Tang and Bo’s musical instruments a few years ago? ”

Li Jianyue was stunned.

She really didn’t know these things.

The scar-faced man’s face immediately darkened, “Da*n it, if she is Li Sicheng’s daughter, I’ll even more. This son of a bi*ch ruined my job back then! If he hadn’t driven Tang Qing crazy, I would still be rich! ”

With that, he fiercely pounced on Li Jianyue.

His fierce attitude scared Li Jianyue so much that she screamed, “Ahhhhh! ”

Li Jianyue’s voice was very sharp. The scar-faced man went forward to cover Li Jianyue’s mouth, then pressed her under his knees and reached out to tear her clothes.

Li Jianyue’s crying was broken, and she screamed desperately, “No! Help! Ah! ”

The scar-faced man had no intention of stopping.

With his physique, Li Jianyue looked especially petite.

Not to mention that Li Jianyue was still young.

Li Jianyue felt a chill on her body, and her coat was directly taken off.

She screamed and covered her body, shrilling, “You can’t touch me! My father won’t let you go! My grandfather is a general of the country, and my uncle is a company commander. Ah! No, no, I beg you… No… ”

“D*mn it! ” Seeing Li Jianyue’s fair skin, the scar-faced was so excited. He shouted obscenities with lewd laugh and lowered his head to kiss her.

Li Jianyue screamed and bit his neck, tears and snot flowing down his neck.

Li Jianyue used a lot of strength, and the scar-faced man’s scream almost penetrated the ceiling.

He tried to pull her away, but he didn’t expect Li Jianyue’s teeth to be deeply embedded in his skin.

Everyone saw that bright red blood was flowing out of her mouth.

The scar-faced man got up in pain, pulled her hard, and threw her out.

Li Jianyue hit the cabinet door, and her snow-white skin hit the protruding handle. With the scream was accompanied by the muffled sound of Her body fell to the ground.

The scar-faced man grimaced in pain, and the blood on his neck had already flowed all over his shoulder.

Seeing this, the scar-faced man was even more furious.

He went forward and pulled Li Jianyue’s hair, lifted her up and threw her onto the bed.

Li Jianyue covered her scalp, and couldn’t cry anymore.

The scar-faced man pressed her to pull her pants and scolded fiercely, “Da*n it, if I can’t f*ck you to death today, I’ll eat my hat!”

Someone beside him was also impatient that he quickly took off his clothes and said, “Be gentle, don’t torture her to death directly. If we can’t enjoy her as well, You are dead meat!”

The scar-faced man smiled sinisterly. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely leave her to you guys alive!”

Li Jianyue screamed and struggled, but her hands were already grabbed by another person. “No!”

Her sharp and hoarse voice seemed to ignite the animality of these people.