The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2303 - Help

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Chapter 2303: Help

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Suddenly, someone said, “Hey, there’s a cell phone here, it’s still talking… ”

It was a woman’s voice. Li Mosen immediately said, “Hello! ”


“Hello?” The woman’s voice was heard soon. “Are you the owner of this cell phone? ”

Li Mosen quickly said, “This is my sister’s cell phone. She suddenly screamed, so I’m very worried. Where did you find this cell phone? ”

“In the hotel, in the hotel corridor. Where are you now? You can come and get your phone.”

“I’m here!” Mosen hurriedly got out of the car and rushed in.

The security guard saw Li Mosen like this and quickly came up and asked, “What are you doing? ”

Li Mosen said, “I am looking for someone!” Then, he rushed in.

The woman on the phone said, “I am on the 33rd floor, oh, at the door of 3325. ”

Li Mosen immediately rushed into the elevator.

After getting into the elevator, Li Mosen suddenly felt that it was not very rational for him to come in like this.

If there was something really happened to Li Jianyue in there, it was not something that a child like him could solve.

Li Mosen’s heart was beating very fast and called Uncle Yang.

Uncle Yang was a veteran who had been driving at home for many years. When he had nothing to do, he would spar with his father and uncle. Although he was a little old, his skills were definitely better than Li Mosen’s.

Although Li Mosen did not know what had happened up there, it was better to be prepared!

Now, he could only hope that nothing happened to Li Jianyue.

The elevator gradually rose, while Li Mosen’s heart was beating faster and faster..

After Li Jianyue was dragged into the hotel room, she cried loudly.

Especially when she saw the four men in the room, she was so scared that her body trembled.

She was forcefully thrown to the ground by the man in the waiter’s clothes behind her. With a scream, Li Jianyue immediately shrank back.

The men in the room were all a little dark and short. One of them had a long scar on his face and looked very fierce.

When he saw Li Jianyue, the young girl with delicate skin, the scar-faced man’s expression immediately became drooling. “You’re awesome, guy. You actually got such a young girl! ”

That wretched expression scared Li Jianyue to tears.

The scar-faced man was stunned, and then he laughed out loud. “You’re so timid. Are you even an adult? Show me. ”

As he spoke, he walked toward Li Jianyue, taking off his clothes as he walked.

Li Jianyue was so scared that her face turned pale. She cried even louder and shouted, “Help! Help! Who are you? ! ”

The scar-faced man looked even more excited and said, “it doesn’t matter who we are. You just need to know that you’ve offended someone you shouldn’t have offended. ”

With that, he pounced on Li Jianyue.

Li Jianyue screamed and got up from the ground. She turned around and wanted to open the door.

However, it was easier said than done. She was pulled back by the waiter who had just brought her over and thrown on the ground again.

Li Jianyue was a pampered rich girl. After falling twice in a row, her skin was burning with pain.

But the fear at this moment let Li Jianyue have no time to take care of the injury, desperately to the corner of the past.

“Ouch, the little girl looks so young. She is about the same age as my daughter. I can’t bear to do it.”

A burly man who had been sitting on the bed made a very unpleasant noise, like sand grinding against a board.

It was very unpleasant.