The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2302 - Not a Good Girl

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Chapter 2302: Not a Good Girl

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The screenshot was a chat record. The person who sent this message to Li Jianyue was Qin Xizao.

Seeing the name Qin Xizao, Li Mosen was already on alert.


This woman was really unlikable. What’s more, Li Mosen subconsciously felt that this woman was not a good girl.

When he saw the address, Li Mosen recognized it at a glance. It was star city.

It had been established for decades, and it was undoubtedly the number one entertainment venue in Kingstown.

However, it was too messy inside!

Qin Xizao actually asked Li Jianyue to go to such a messy place?

Li Mosen’s expression became darker and darker. He typed: What are you going to do?

Then, he sent another message: This is not the kind of place you should go!!

Li Ersu: But, I’m almost there.

Li Mosen stood up with a sullen face, put on his clothes and walked out.

The driver, Uncle Yang, had not left yet. Seeing Li Mosen’s movement, he asked, “Mosen, where are you going at this time of night? ”

“Ersu, this girl is running around. Grandpa Yang, please send me to her. ”

Uncle Yang naturally agreed. After asking for the address, he took Li Mosen to star city.

For some reason, Li Mosen’s eyelids kept twitching.

The ominous premonition became stronger and stronger.

He could not help but urge, “Hurry up please. ”

Seeing his anxious look, Uncle Yang did not dare to delay and immediately stepped on the accelerator. With his experienced driving skills, he quickly left many people behind.

Li Mosen sent a message to Li Jianyue and she quickly replied, “It’s okay, I’ll be back soon. “.

Seeing this message, Li Mosen felt a little relieved and said, “Be careful, that place is very messy. “.

However, Li Jianyue didn’t reply anymore.

The road from home to Star City was really far.

Suddenly, he received a message from Li Jianyue, “Someone is coming to pick me up!”


Who is he?

Li Mosen subconsciously thought of Quan Jingyi and Qin Xizao.

Li Mosen didn’t like these two people at all.

But at least, if they were there, Li Jianyue wouldn’t be bullied.

Thinking of this, Li Mosen slightly relaxed, but still urged, “Grandpa Yang, try to hurry up. ”

“Okay.” Uncle Yang drove steadily. He could see the expression of Li Mosen from the rearview mirror, the tension could not be concealed

Uncle Yang said, “Don’t worry. Ersu may be a little native, but she has a sense of propriety.”

Li Mosen smiled bitterly. “If she has a sense of propriety, she won’t run so far away without a sound. ”

Uncle Yang chuckled. “She’s a little girl. She likes to play. When she grows up, she’ll be more mature. ”

When she grows up, she’ll be more mature…

Li Mosen felt a little bitter in his heart.

If possible, he would like her to be more simple.

Suddenly, the phone in his hand vibrated. It was Li Jianyue.

The call was picked up quickly. Li Mosen asked, “Hello? ”

However, Li Jianyue’s scream came from the other side. “What are you doing…! ”

This voice was too sharp. Then, Li Mosen heard the muffled sound of the phone falling on the carpet.

Li Mosen’s heart was suddenly pulled up, shouting: “Ersu? ”

However, there has been no response.

“Hurry! Hurry up! ”

Uncle Yang was also shocked by Li Mosen’s attitude and said quickly, “We’re almost there ”

Li Mosen did not dare to hang up the phone, and the phone on the other side, came the sound of rustling.

It’s like the wind, or it’s just the sound of a machine.