The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2300 - A little Scared

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Chapter 2300: A little Scared

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Li Jianyue was really in a bad mood.

In such a short time, why did Quan Jingyi and brother Mosen all change.

It was really… depressing.

It was still early. When Li Jianyue returned home, Li Mosen was forcing Li Moyun to review his homework.

As soon as she entered, Li Jianyue heard Li Moyun’s scream.

When seeing Li Jianyue return, Li Mosen was about to talk to her, and then he saw Li Jianyue’s unhappy look.

Li Jianyue didn’t even say a word to any of them before she turned around and returned to her room.

Li Jianyue’s dejected look quickly attracted Li Moyun’s attention.

But no matter how Li Moyun asked, Li Jianyue refused to reveal a word.

Li Moyun had no choice but to give up.

Li Mosen saw everything but did not say a single word.

After dinner, Li Jianyue returned to her room and suddenly received a call from Qin Xizao.

Qin Xizao sounded very anxious. She said, “What should I do, Jianyue? Quan Jingyi is drunk and calling your name. I can’t stop him at all. Only you can stop him. Come here now! ”

Qin Xizao’s words were so anxious that when Li Jianyue heard her words, she couldn’t help but become anxious too, “How could this be? ”

Qin Xizao sounded like she was about to cry. “Come quickly. This is the first time I’ve seen him like this. What did you say to him? ”

Li Jianyue was also very confused.

Had she said anything?


Hearing that Li Jianyue didn’t say anything, Qin Xizao urged, “Come quickly. Come alone. Hurry up! ”

Li Jianyue actually didn’t want to go.

But looking at the time, it was only 6:30, and it wasn’t too late.

The curfew at home was at 9:00. If she went out for a walk now, her family wouldn’t suspect anything.

Li Jianyue quickly carried her bag and walked out of the door.

When she walked out of the door, she accidentally bumped into Li Mosen.

Li Mosen seemed to have just taken a shower, and his hair was still dripping. Seeing that Li Jianyue had even carried her bag, he immediately asked, “Where are you going? ”

“I have something to deal with.” Li Jianyue didn’t look back and quickly left.

Li Mosen frowned. “What else is there to do at this time? ”

Li Jianyue said, “My friend has something to look for me, and will be back soon. ”

My friend is looking for me..

Is he going on a date at this time?

Thinking of this, Li Mosen didn’t look good, “Which friend? ”

Normally, Li Jianyue would have answered Li Mosen honestly. However, since she knew that Li Mosen might have other thoughts about her, Li Jianyue felt that his concern was not so simple.

Hearing Li Mosen’s question, Li Jianyue felt a little disgusted and said, “I’ll be back soon. Just my good friends! ”

Then, she walked away in small steps without looking back.

But she didn’t know that her impatient attitude just now made Li Mosen’s heart hurt a little.

Li Mosen looked at her back, pursed his lips, and went back to his room in the end.

Li Jianyue took a taxi to the address given by Qin Xizao. Unexpectedly, the address was a little far.

After getting off the car, she found that this was a relatively high-end entertainment venue.

There was a casino, a restaurant, a hotel, and a set of entertainment facilities around it. Bars and ktvs were all available.

This was the first time Li Jianyue had come to such a place. Looking at the scantily dressed women and obviously older men, she was a little afraid.