The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2298 - He's a little bigoted

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Chapter 2298: He’s a little bigoted

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Qin Xizao turned and ran away.

Since the ferris wheel was still moving, and the staff behind urged, “On or not? ”

Li Jianyue had already gone up and turned to look at Quan Jingyi.

With a careless look on his face, Quan Jingyi stepped on the ferris wheel.

The door was closed, and there were only Quan Jingyi and Li Jianyue in the small closed space.

It was quiet all around that only the sound of each other’s breathing and heartbeat could be heard.

Li Jianyue felt a little unnatural. The little shyness that she had hidden in her heart for a long time seemed to have disappeared at this moment.

Quan Jingyi sat down beside her and looked outside.

Li Jianyue was a little stiff. She looked at the empty seat opposite her and said, “It will be more balanced if you sit over there.”

“It’s the same, ” Quan Jingyi said. “It won’t fall off. ”

Li Jianyue: ” … ”

It won’t fall off indeed, but it’s uncomfortable.

She turned her head away somewhat uneasily.

Suddenly, Quan Jingyi said, “You seem to be very unhappy lately, why?”

“Ah.” Li Jianyue was shocked. “I don’t think so. I’m not unhappy. ”

“Don’t fool me.” Quan Jingyi said firmly, “You’re obviously unhappy. Is it because of what happened last time? ”

“Why? ” Li Jianyue didn’t realize what he was talking about.

Facing Li Jianyue’s gaze, Quan Jingyi suddenly said, “I’m sorry. ”

“Why? ” Li Jianyue was even more confused.

Quan Jingyi said, “I shouldn’t have fought with senior Li. I was the one who provoked him first last time. ”

Li Jianyue narrowed her eyes. “I always believe my brother wouldn’t fight with you. What exactly did you provoke him for? ”

Quan Jingyi gazed at her with a profound gaze . “Do you want to know? ”

Li Jianyue replied, “Yes! ”

“I asked him if he liked you. It’s not that my brother likes his sister, but that boys like girls, ” Quan Jingyi said with a slight scornful smile. “He didn’t dare to say anything. Then I said that I liked you very much. ”

Li Jianyue’s heart skipped a beat.

Quan Jingyi turned around and looked very serious, “I really like you very much. You have always been the model in my album. I have seldom cared about girls since I was a child, except Xizao, who is my relative. She is one month older than me, so she can be considered my cousin. Other than her, I haven’t said so much to girls.”

Li Jianyue’s heart was beating a little fast, but it didn’t seem to be a rush of excitement.

Instead, it was a little embarrassing.

Li Jinyue was a little frozen at the present and didn’t know what to say.

“So I want you to be my girlfriend. I told him that you also like me very much. He is your brother. It is impossible for him. ” Quan Jingyi’s gaze was serious, “Even if he isn’t biological, you will still mind. You simply treat him as your brother. If you know what he really thinks, you will definitely avoid him.”

Li Jianyue was speechless for a moment.

Seeing Li Jianyue’s expression was changed, Quan Jingyi immediately asked, “I got it right, didn’t I? ”

Li Jianyue pursed her lips and shrank to the side.

“So he got angry. I think I must have to touch a sore spot and accidentally his sensitive nerve, and that’s why he couldn’t help but hit me. And I was the one who was injured since I didn’t fight back.” Quan Jingyi said, “If the boss wasn’t in the bathroom, he probably wouldn’t have stopped. He’s a bit extreme, Jianyue. ”

“Enough. ” Li Jianyue’s face turned cold. “Stop saying that.”