The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2297 - Ferris Wheel

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Chapter 2297: Ferris Wheel

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After the three of them walked out, Qin Xizao’s face was full of sadness. “Jianyue, does senior hate me very much? ”

Li Jianyue also felt that Li Mosen didn’t like Qin Xizao. Maybe it was because she told him the other day that it was Qin Xizao who had told her those things behind his back?

Thinking of this, Li Jianyue felt a little guilty and comforted Qin Xizao, “Don’t worry, actually he treats everyone the same way.”

“Really? ” Qin Xizao looked as if she’s going to cry. “It’s the first time I’ve been hated by a person. The people who have known me before are all very fond of me, but only senior…”

Li Jianyue’s mood was a little mixed.

Qin Xizao was indeed very easy to attract people.

She’s a pretty girl, who had a good tongue and dressed well, in addition, she had a nice shape.

Li Jianyue was a little envious of such a girl. She was cheerful and didn’t worry about having no friends to play with.

Qin Xizao soon perked up and smiled, “But it doesn’t matter, Jianyue. I really haven’t played with you for a long time. I have asked Quan Jingyi when you can hang out, but he has no idea, so I had to bring him along to come to you, you would not mind, right?”

Li Jianyue actually didn’t mind, but when she saw Qin Xizao looking at Li Mosen, she felt a little uncomfortable.

However, facing Qin Xizao’s frank gaze, Li Jianyue could only smile.

Quan Jingyi glanced at her and asked casually, “Where do you want to play? ”

Qin Xizao chuckled. “Haven’t you already thought about it? What are you hesitating for? ”

As soon as he said this, Quan Jingyi seemed to be somewhat embarrassed. He turned his head to look into the distance and said, “I just worry that she won’t go. ”

“How come?” Qin xizao grabbed Li Jianyue’s arm. “Jianyue should like to play games the most, right? ”

“What games to play? ” Li Jianyue asked.

“The amusement park! ”

Qin Xizao grabbed Li Jianyue’s arm with a billiant smile.

When they arrived at the amusement park, Li Jianyue found that she had never been here before.

Compared with the amusement park that she often went to, this place seemed smaller.

However, judging from the decor of the front, it was more exquisite than the places that she often went to.

Qin Xizao had always liked to wear lolita-style clothes. Li Jianyue had seen her many times in dark-style lolita outfits, which looked very stylized.

After Qin Xizao brought them in, Li Jianyue found that the style here was actually mostly somewhat close to what Qin Xizao was wearing.

There was a dark feeling, as if going to a hell.

It was very cool.

But Li Jianyue felt a little depressed.

She still liked places that were more sweet, just like the amusement park that Brother Mosen often took her to. There were princess dresses and dolls everywhere, and they were very cute.

Qin Xizao brought her to play a few projects, and Quan Jingyi followed behind them silently.

After a few events, both Qin Xizao and Li Jianyue were a little tired.

Qin Xizao bought an ice cream for Li Jianyue, and the two girls ate it one bite at a time. Soon, they walked under the Ferris wheel.

Qin Xizao smiled and said, “Let’s go on the Ferris wheel!”

“Okay. ” Li Jianyue agreed without thinking.

Quan Jingyi didn’t like to talk much originally, and now he just followed them secretly. After waiting in line for a long time, Li Jianyue had already stepped on the Ferris wheel. Suddenly, Quan Jingyi felt that he was pushed by someone.

Qin Xizao blinked at him rapidly.

Then, Qin Xizao screamed, “Oh my, my stomach hurts. you guys play first, I need to go to the toilet! ”