The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2296 - : So Annoying

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Chapter 2296: So Annoying

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“Of course. Our house was decorated by my mom. It’s very beautiful! ” Li Moyun was a little proud.

Qin Xizao smiled and said, “You must be Jianyue’s younger brother, right? You look alike! ”

Li Moyun subconsciously touched his face, “Really? ”

Qin Xizao nodded, “Of course. You are living together, so it is hard for you to feel it, they won’t be able to tell. Only outsiders looking at you can see that your looks are actually quite similar.”

“Well, that makes sense. ” Li Moyun agreed.

Li Jianyue quickly interrupted their conversation and said, “Xizao, how did you know that my house is here? ”

“Of course I don’t know. ” Qin Xizao smiled brightly. “But someone else knows. Quan Jingyi is very familiar with you. ”

As she said that, she turned her head and looked behind.

Li Jianyue also looked towards her line of sight and found that Quan Jingyi was unnaturally standing not far from the door. When he met Li Jianyue’s eyes, he only nodded slightly.

“By the way, Jianyue, where’s your brother? ” Qin Xizao’s eyes couldn’t stop glancing inside.

Seeing Qin Xizao acted as if she came for Li Mosen specially, Li Jianyue feel a little uncomfortable.

She subconsciously stood in front of her and said, “Since you’re here, let’s go out and play. Brother Mosen is very busy today. ”

“How come? I think he has been in the room the whole time.” Li Moyun looked behind and said, “Well, he is out. ”

Li Moyun’s words made Li Jianyue pause for a moment, while Qin Xizao’s eyes lit up and looked in the direction Li Moyun was looking.

Unsurprisingly, she saw Li Mosen at the first sight.

Li Mosen was wearing soft home clothes and looked very relaxed.

His slightly curly black hair was a little upturned, and his blue eyes seemed to be a little tired. On his fair skin, the two dark circles under his eyes were even more obvious.

It seemed that he had not rested well.

When Qin Xizao looked at Li Mosen, she smiled sweetly at him and said, “Senior, so glad to meet you again! ”

Li Mosen certainly recognized her. As soon as he saw Qin Xizao, A sense of foreboding took his heart.

As expected, he saw Quan Jingyi not far from the door in the next moment.

Quan Jingyi also looked over at the same time and revealed an ambiguous smile on his face. “Senior. ”

Li Mosen’s eyes turned gloomy immediately, “Why are you here? ”

Li Moyun immediately sensed that Li Mosen’s mood seemed off.

Although during this period of time, Li Mosen always looked a little upset, it was barely that he had such a great mood swing like now.

“I’m here to play with Jianyue!” Qin Xizao smiled. “It’s really boring at home on weekends, and I haven’t Seen Jianyue for a long time, so I’m here to contact her. ”

Li Mosen had long been impatient with Qin Xizao’s voice and turned to look at Li Jianyue.

Li Jianyue didn’t know what to feel at this point. She lowered her head and said, “Come on, let’s go out and play.”

However, Qin Xizao’s gaze fell on Li Mosen again. “Won’t you join us, senior? ”

Li Mosen said coldly, “I’m not free. ”

His attitude was so cold, which made Qin Xizao’s smile froze on her face.

Li Jianyue hurriedly said, “Let’s go. ”

Quan Jingyi gave Li Mosen a deep look before he turned around and walked out after the girls.

Li Moyun certainly sensed that something was wrong and hurriedly chased up towards Li Mosen, shouting, “Brother Mosen, what are you doing, You seem to hate that girl! ”

“It’s true.” Li Mosen stopped, making no effort to repress his disgust, “That guy is also very annoying! ”