The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2295 - Visiting

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Chapter 2295: Visiting

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It was easier said than done.

Li Sicheng didn’t know anything.

He didn’t understand his embarrassment.

Or maybe he knew and just didn’t want to expose it.

“I understand.” Li Mosen lowered his eyes. “Thank you, dad. ”

Leaving Li Sicheng’s study, Li Mosen walked out of the living room and heard Li Jianyue’s laughter, “Li Moyun! ”

Li Moyun laughed, grabbed something from Li Jianyue and ran away.

Li Jianyue was chasing after Li Moyun. Her long hair fluttered as she ran, and the smile on her face was brilliant.

As if sensing Li Mosen’s gaze, Li Moyun looked at him. His chubby face was flushed, and he gasped for breath, “Brother Mosen, come and play with us. It’s fun to play with three people. ”

Li Jianyue also looked back, but when her eyes came into contact with Li Mosen, her eyes flickered away for a moment, and even the smile on her face was faded.

Li Mosen’s heart was burning like fire

Li Moyun thought he saw a trace of embarrassment in his eyes.

Instead of responsing either of them, Li Mosen turned to go upstairs soon.

When Li Moyun saw this, he looked at Li Jianyue, “Did you have a quarrel?”

Li Jianyue turned her head away. “No. ”

Li Moyun clicked his tongue. “Don’t fool me, it is so obvious.”

“No.” Li Jianyue returned to the sofa and sat down. She felt a little strange and said, “Believe it or not.”

Li Moyun rolled his eyes at her.

He was not dumb!

However, with the relationship between Li Jianyue and Li Mosen, even if there was a conflict, they would patch up their tiff within half a day.

Li Moyun didn’t notice that, but he didn’t expect that this conflict would continue when he returned home the next week.

Li Mosen was a man of few words, but Li Jianyue started to become silent as well.

It was obvious that something was wrong!

Just as Li Moyun was thinking about how to make them reconcile, the doorbell rang.

He looked at the clock. It was past one in the afternoon.

It was not long after lunch, and Nanny Rong was washing the dishes.

Li Moyun ran to open the door in his bare feet. When he opened the door, he saw a beautiful girl.

This girl was dressed very stylishly. She was dressed in the dark style of Lolita with an exquisite princess hat on her head,and her makeup was also very exquisite.

Li Moyun felt that she looked a little familiar and asked, “Who are you?”

Qin Xizao smiled brightly. “Hello, I am Jianyue’s friend. I am here for her! ”

Li Moyun heard her response and then he saw the figure of a young man walking out from behind her.

Quan Jingyi was tall and had long legs. He seemed to be a little shy and turned his head away. When he met Li Moyun’s gaze, he raised his head slightly and looked at Li Moyun with a smile. “Hello.”

Li Moyun remembered when he saw Quan Jingyi and asked, “Are you all Li Jianyue’s classmates? ”

Qin Xizao immediately nodded and said, “Quan Jingyi is Jianyue’s classmate. I am Jianyue’s friend.”

“Okie.” Li Moyun turned his head and shouted, “Li Jianyue, your classmates are looking for you! ”

Li Jianyue jumped up from the sofa and ran to the door.

When Qin Xizao saw Li Jianyue, she was a little excited and said, “Jianyue, hello!”

When Li Jianyue saw Qin Xizao, her heart had a kind of feeling can not tell.

There was surprise, astonishment, but no joy.

Not to mention being pleasantly surprised.

On the contrary, Qin Xizao seemed a little excited. She walked in and said, “I haven’t seen you for only a few days, but I really miss you! Your house is so beautiful. Your elders must have good taste! ”