The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2288 - Going Abroad (4)

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Chapter 2288: Going Abroad (4)

There was a knock on the door.

Li Jianyue raised her head. Looking at the closed door, she was a little nervous. “Who is it? ”

“Ersu, It’s time to eat. ” It was Dasu’s voice.

Li Jianyue heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Okay, Wait me a moment. ”

“Hurry up. ”

“Okay, you go first. ” Li Jianyue stood up and looked in the mirror. After making sure that she looked normal, she walked out.

When they were eating, Li Mosen sat across from her, and Li Jianyue kept her head down the whole time.

Li Jianqian sensed that something was wrong. He looked at Mosen and asked in a low voice, “Did you quarrel with her? ”

Li Mosen’s blue eyes were a little deep. He lowered his head to eat without any answer.

Su Qianci also sensed that something was wrong with Li Jianyue. She put her favouriate food in my bowl and asked gently, “Ersu, what’s wrong? Are you in a bad mood? ”

“No, Nothing. ” Li Jianyue looked at her mother, but as soon as she looked up she was aware of the strong presence of Li Mosen. When she recovered herself, she had already looked at him.

Just like that, she met his gaze.

It was deep and sharp.

When Li Jianyue touched it, she lowered her head immediately.

Seeing his daughter’s small gestures, Li Sicheng subconsciously looked at Li Mosen.

Li Mosen pursed his lips and lowered his head, keeping eating.

Li Sicheng frowned without saying anything.

Li Jianyue was simple-minded, and all her emotions were written on her face.

Li Mosen, on the other hand, seemed to be influenced by others in the family. Perhaps it was because he had been imitating Li Sicheng. Compared with Li Jianyue, his emotions were hidden too deeply.

However, even if Li Sicheng couldn’t find anything from Li Mosen, but with their bahavior now, there was no doubt that he had trouble with Li Jianyue.

Li Jianyue finished eating and left soon, which looked like someone was chasing after her.

Not long after Li Jianyue left, Li Mosen put down the bowl and stood up as well. He said, “I’m full. ”

Li Jianqian was still eating. When Li Mosen stood up, he turned around curiously and muttered, “What happened to them today? ”

Yu Chulin also thought it was strange. “Maybe they have quarreled, so Jianyue is throwing a tantrum. She will be fine soon.”

Li Jianqian thought of his sister’s temper and nodded. “That’s true. ”

Li Jianyue was a good-tempered person. She had inherited Su Qianci’s personality perfectly. Although she might be silly sometimes, it was so easy to amuse her.

So none of them paid attention to it.

However, no one had expected that their carelessness would lead to consequences that they could not accept.

After Li Jianyue returned to her room, she was very depressed.

She really could not face brother Mosen properly now.

As long as she saw Li Mosen, she felt very strange.

Qin Xizao’s words kept ringing in her mind, reminding her that Li Mosen might not only merely treat her as a sister.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! ” Li Jianyue was so frustrated that she threw herself onto the bed.

“Knock, knock. ” The door was knocked again.

Li Jianyue raised her head and asked loudly, “Who is it? ”

There was no answer.

However, there was a knock on the door again.

“Who? Is it brother? ” Li Jianyue stood up and reached out to open the door.

When she saw Li Mosen, Li Jianyue’s heart jumped and she subconsciously wanted to close the door again.

Li Mosen immediately stepped forward to block the door.