The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2287 - Going Abroad (3)

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Chapter 2287: Going Abroad (3)

When the bell rang, Li Jianyue couldn’t wait to grab her bag and stand up.

Just as she was about to leave, her wrist was suddenly grabbed.

Li Jianyue looked back at Quan Jingyi who was catching her wrist and asked uneasily, “What’s wrong? ”

Li Jianyue had been absent-minded for the whole day, and Quan Jingyi had aslo observed her for the whole day. Of course, he had kept her facial expressions in his heart.

The slender wrist held in the palm did not have the feeling of a person’s skeleton, instead it was the feeling of the delicate and smooth skin. Quan Jingyi’s eyes unconsciously glanced at her wrist, and he suddenly thought of what he had said to Li Mosen in the bathroom.

As he expected, the serious big man in the school really had a crush on his sister, Li Jianyue.

He had merely said a couple of irritating words that had already made the star student so angry and attacked him. What’s more, he did not deny his love for his sister.

Quan Jingyi was not surprised, but he was clear in his heart that it would not be possible between them.

So pure and frank as Li Jianyue, letting her suddenly accept her brother’s affection towards her was as difficult as asking her to stab someone.

Looking at Li Jianyue who had been depressed all day, Quan Jingyi suspected that whether Li Mosen had really confessed to his sister?

He looked at the uneasy girl in front of him and swallowed the words that came out of his mouth.

If Li Mosen really confessed to her, for the current Li Jianyue, keeping a secret was the best way.

If he asked directly, it would only make her more panicked.

Seeing that everyone in the class had left the classroom, and Quan Jingyi only pulled her to not speak, Li Jianyue became anxious in her heart.

What should she do if she bumped into brother Mosen at the school gate?

It was obviously Qin Xizao who had spouted nonsense, but now her thoughts were running wild and she had done the stupid thing of avoiding brother Mosen. How was she going to explain when she saw brother Mosen later?

Thinking of the scene of meeting Li Mosen, Li Jianyue felt embarrassed.

“Do you have anything to tell me? If not, I am going to leave.” she said as she twitched her wrist.

Quan Jingyi didn’t let go. Instead, he stood up with his bag and turned to hold her hand. “Let’s come back together. ”

Hearing the words “Let’s come back together. ” Li Jianyue said without thinking, “No! ”

After saying that, she and Quan Jingyi were both stunned.

The atmosphere was a little awkward.

Li Jianyue was startled becasue when she heard that, the first thing that came into her mind was that Brother Mosen would be angry if he saw that, and she couldn’t afford to make Brother Mosen angry.

Her heart beat furiously.

She must be so tired.

Li Jianyue pulled her hand out awkwardly and said, “I, I didn’t mean anything else. Quan Jingyi, I’m going home. See you tomorrow. ”

With that, she grabbed her bag and ran quickly to the door.

From the school building to the school gate, Li Jianyue used the effort of running 800 meters to squeeze into the first group of people who left the school gate and ran out.

When she got home, Li Jianyue took the excuse to do her homework and locked herself in her room.

There was not much homework after class, but because she was thinking about other things, her homework was in a mess.

She sighed weakly on the table and suddenly hated herself.

She clearly warned herself not to care about Qin Xizao nonsense, but she still couldn’t help but mind… Tsk..