The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2286 - Going Abroad (2)

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Chapter 2286: Going Abroad (2)

When they left, they did not inform Quan Jingyi and Qin Xizao.

However, when they got home, Li Jianyue locked herself in the room and did not come down until dinner.

Su Qianci was worried about her daughter, so she asked Nanny Rong to make supper for Li Jianyue and carried it upstairs.

At this time, Li Mosen suddenly came over and said, “Mom, I am going back to my room. I will bring it up to Ersu. ”

Hearing that, Su Qianci thought for a moment, handing him the supper, and said, “Ask her if she is not feeling well. If that so, tell me immediately. ”

Li Mosen nodded. “Okay. ”

At upstairs, Li Jianyue had been sleeping since she returned to her room.

However, in fact, she had been in a daze and had not fallen asleep.

She had never paid much attention about the sort of things, but this afternoon, she had thought a lot.

As she thought more and more, a lot of things that she didn’t care about before became very obvious.

Li Jianyue didn’t want to believe what Qin Xizao said earlier, but every time she thought of brother Mosen, she couldn’t help but let her imagination run wild.

Just as she was curled up in bed bitterly, someone suddenly knocked on the bedroom door.

“Ersu, Mom asked me to bring you supper. ”

Hearing Li Mosen’s voice, Li Jianyue’s eyes widened. It was her first time that she felt so flustered when facing Li Mosen

Li Jianyue quickly sat up and said, “Brother Mosen, I’m going to bed. I don’t want to eat supper! ”

Li Mosen said, “Even if you don’t want to eat, open the door first. ”

“I’m going to bed. Brother Mosen, you should go to bed early too. ”

After that, she immediately lay down in the thin quilt and shouted at the door, “Brother Mosen, I really don’t want to eat supper. You can tell mom that I’m fine. ”

At the door, hearing her trembling voice, Li Mosen stood for a long time with the supper before he turned and left.

The next day, Li Jianyue got up with a pair of raccoon eyes.

Downstairs, Li Sicheng and Su Qianci had already sat down for breakfast.

Because it was the weekend, it was rare for the family to have breakfast together.

Seeing her come down, Li Moyun waved to Li Jianyue with two drumsticks in his hands. “Ersu, you lazy girl, today’s drumsticks are all mine. ”

Looking at Li Moyun’s excited look, Li Jianyue made a face at him listlessly and said, “Little fatty, you will become a big fatty sooner or later! ”

After saying that, just as she was about to withdraw her gaze, she suddenly saw Li Mosen looking at her from the corner of her eyes.

That pair of deep blue eyes stared at her without moving, like the scorching sun, burning Li Jianyue’s skin.

Li Jianyue couldn’t avoid it in time and hurriedly lowered her head. She quickly finished breakfast and went upstairs.

Except for the time to eat, Li Jianyue almost stayed in the room for the whole day. Every time Li Mosen wanted to talk to her, she always avoided him like a mouse meeting a cat.

On Monday.

Li Mosen was waiting for her downstairs as usual, but when Nanny rong came out of the kitchen, she told him in surprise, “Jianyue has already gone to school. ”

Li Mosen frowned slightly. “When did she go? ”

Nanny Rong thought for a moment and said, “Almost half an hour. ”

Hearing Nanny Rong’s words, Li Mosen’s face instantly became grim.

He pursed his lips and left home with his schoolbag.

Li Jianyue didn’t know how she spent Monday. Her mind was in a mess, and she sat in her seat in a daze. Even when the teacher asked her questions, she couldn’t give an answer.