The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2285 - Going Abroad (1)

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Chapter 2285: Going Abroad (1)

Seeing the worried look on Li Jianyue’s face, the smile on Quan Jingyi’s face froze.

The bar owner looked at Li Jianyue and asked, “Jingyi, wasn’t the fight between the two of you because of this girl? ”

Hearing the owner’s words, Li Jianyue had already understood without asking more .

Regardless of anything, she anxiously ran past Quan Jingyi and rushed into the bathroom.

“Brother Mosen! ”

The water kept splashing. In front of the sink, Li Mosen’s tall body was slightly bent, looking down at the water in the sink in a daze.

Hearing Li Jianyue’s voice, he instinctively turned around.

Because she was too anxious, Li Jianyue’s heart was beating fast. She panted and looked at Li Mosen. Seeing he was unhurt, she let out a sigh of relief.

Was Brother Mosen not hurt?

Turning off the tap, Li Mosen stood up and asked, “Why did you come in? ”

“Brother Mosen, are you okay? ” Li Jianyue ran forward quickly, grabbed his hand and asked, “Are you hurt? ”

Li Mosen unnaturally pulled out his hand that was grabbed by her and put it behind his back. “No. ”

Although he had already treated her like this once when he came, this time, no matter how fast he pulled back his hand, Li Jianyue still saw the injury on his hand.

Li Jianyue angrily grabbed his hand. When she saw the cut on the back of Li Mosen’s hand, her eyes turned red.

“Why are you fighting? ! ” Li Jianyue questioned loudly with red eyes.

If one were to ask what Li Mosen’s greatest weekness in life was, it would probably be Li Jianyue’s tears.

After seeing the tears in Li Jianyue’s eyes, Li Mosen could no longer pretend to be indifferent.

“It was just a few strokes. not actually a fighting. ”

“A few strokes? Why is your hand bleeding? ”

Li Mosen reached out to wipe away the tears in the corner of her eyes and smiled gently. “I accidentally hit the side door. ”

Looking at Li Mosen’s natural action and the gentle gaze he gave her, Li Jianyue’s excited mood suddenly stopped. Her mind could not help but think of what Qin Xizao had said earlier.

Some things, if not deliberately mentioned by others, couldn’t be seen to have any problems.

But after being mentioned by Qin Xizao, Li Jianyue’s heart inexplicably panicked.

She vaguely conscious that brother Mosen was too close to her.

Thinking of this, Li Jianyue’s heart became more and more panicked.

It is impossible… Li Mosen is he brother. Brother Mosen is just being nice to her, simply loving her as a sister.

She couldn’t believe the words that Qin Xizao had said earlier!

Li Jianyue’s so innocent that she always showed whatever she thought on her face.

So the struggle and change in her heart were all displayed on her face as well.

Looking at her suddenly pale face, Li Mosen thought that she was thinking about the fight between him and Quan Jingyi. So he pinched her cheek and said, “It’s really just a few gestures. Don’t cry. ”

The knot in his heart had disappeared because of Li Jianyue’s carelessness and concern towards him.

Li Mosen held her shoulder as usual and was about to take her out of the male bathroom. However, Li Jianyue suddenly raised her hand and pushed his arm away.

Li Mosen was slightly stunned and asked, “What’s wrong? ”

Li Jianyue couldn’t hide the panic on her face. She stammered, “Brother Mosen, Let… Let’s go home first. I…I don’t want to play anymore. I have to go home first. ”

Hearing her words, Li Mosen smiled warmly and nodded. “Okay. “