The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2284 - The Romance of Youth (16)

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Chapter 2284: The Romance of Youth (16)

Hearing her words, Li Jianyue broke into laughter, “Are you crazy? He is my brother! ”

“Don’t you find it strange? ” Qin Xizao said, “How can a brother restrict his sister’s social space to such extent.? “You have already explained to him so many times, but he was still very unhappy every time he saw you and Jingyi together. “Just like when we met just now that Senior Li abandoned you because he was angry. Has he done this before? ”

“Moreover, as far as I know, you are not related to senior Li by blood at all.” Qin Xizao took a deep breath, pulling Li Jianyue who was already in a daze to sit down on the couch and said, “Jianyue, I like you as well as Jingyi. I said so much just because I treat you as a good friend. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look later. Senior Li and Jingyi are definitely fighting in the bathroom. ”

The reason why Qin Xizao said so confidently was that she understood Quan Jingyi. Although he seemed dawdle, he would never back down.

And she could find that Quan Jingyi had a crush on Li Jianyue. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been paying attention to Li Jianyue from the moment he entered.

What’s more, Li Mosen’s expression was ghastly from the moment he entered. He even shook off Li Jianyue’s hand, which meant that the anger in his heart was about to be ignited.

This fight was inevitable.

But to Li Jianyue, what she said sounded even more unreal than Mars hitting Earth.

Brother Mosen had been a very gentle person since he was young and he had never changed. He was like this to everyone.

He would not fight with Quan Jingyi.

Li Jianyue was a little angry and said, “Xizao, since you said that we are friends, I hope you don’t talk nonsense like this anymore. If you continue to do this, I will be angry. ”

With that, she stood up, taking out her phone, and said, “I will go find brother Mosen now and explain the misunderstanding to him. ”

Holding the phone, Li Jianyue headed for the bathroom, and Qin Xizao, who was sitting on the couch, didn’t stop her.

She picked up the drink on the table and took a sip. She looked back at Li Jianyue’s figure with a cold smile on her face.

Often the truest words are the easiest to pass off as lies.

However, when she realized that it was not a lie, it was the most interesting moment.

Qin Xizao sneered and muttered, “Li Jianyue, Li Mosen will be mine sooner or later! ”

Li Mosen’s call was connected, but no one picked up the phone.

Although Li Jianyue did not believe Qin Xizao’s words, she was still worried that brother Mosen and Quan Jingyi would really fight.

Thinking of this, she quickened her pace and walked to the bathroom.

However, before she reached the bathroom door, she saw the boss of bar was holding Quan Jingyi and walking out.

Although Quan Jingyi was being held, except the scars on the corner of his mouth and eyes, he wasn’t injured.

Quan Jingyi walked over as if nothing had happened, chatting and laughing with the boss.

But seeing the injury on Quan Jingyi’s face, Li Jianyue suddenly became nervous.

“Quan Jingyi! ” She called out, attracting Quan Jingyi and the bar owner to look up at the same time.

Li Jianyue quickly ran to him. Quan Jingyi wiped the blood from the wounded corner of his mouth, quirked his lips and smiled, “Why did you follow?”

Li Jianyue asked worriedly, “Did you fight with brother Mosen? ”

The smile on Quan Jingyi’s lips froze for a moment, but he didn’t deny it. He said lazily and frankly, “How can a man settle a matter without using his fists? ”

When Li Jianyue heard this, she was shocked and blurted out, “What about brother Mosen? “