The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2282 - The Romance of Youth (14)

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Chapter 2282: The Romance of Youth (14)

Quan Jingyi raised his brows, looked up at the sky and said, “It’s pretty good. Let’s go. ”

Li Jianyue looked up at Li Mosen worriedly. She suddenly regretted doing so.

Li Mosen withdrew his gloomy look and asked her with a normal expression, “Where are you going to play? ”

Before Li Jianyue could say anything, Qin Xizao had already answered, “Jinyi’s friend is running a bar, so he said he will take us there. ”

Li Mosen raised his head and looked over. Qin Xizao seemed to know what he was going to say, so he immediately smiled and said, “Senior Li, don’t worry. The atmosphere of the bar is really good. We’re just going to have a seat and won’t have any drink. ”

He thought that Li Mosen would refuse, but this time, Li Mosen was even more relaxed and calm than usual.

He pulled out his arm that was grabbed by Li Jianyue, putting his hands in his pockets, and said, “Go ahead. ”

Li Jianyue looked at her hands in a daze. Her heart felt like it was being squeezed by someone, and she was extremely sad.

Is brother Mosen angry with her?


The location of the bar was two streets away from the World Trade Square.

Although it was in the morning, there were quite a few people since it was Sunday, .

Quan Jingyi’s friends had already been waiting in the bar. When the four of them arrived, the boss arranged seats for them.

The bar had just opened, and the environment was very good. However, because it was daytime, only a folk singer was holding a guitar and singing softly.

The four of them sat not far from the stage. After they sat down, Li Mosen seemed to be attracted by the folk singer’s singing, and he was fully focused on watching the singer sing on the stage.

Li Jianyue was sad. She was no longer as lively as before, just sitting next to Li Mosen and drank listlessly.

Quan Jingyi, who was sitting opposite, also sipped his drink in silence. However, his gaze was fixed on Li Jianyue.

Meanwhile, Qin Xizao, who was sitting next to Quan Jingyi, was staring at Li Mosen and Li Jianyue as well.

However, when she saw Li Mosen’s expression, her heart fell into a bottomless abyss.

Now, anyone could see that Li Mosen was angry with Li Jianyue, but his current appearance was clearly a reaction of jealousy.

Could siblings be jealous like lovers?

Tan Xizao suddenly remembered the information about Li Mosen’s background she had heard before. He seemed to have no blood relationship with Li Jianyue at all.

How could siblings without blood relations be considered siblings?

At this moment, Li Mosen, who was watching the performance, suddenly stood up.

Li Jianyue looked up at him instantly. “Brother Mosen, where are you going? ”

Looking down at her and then looking up at Quan Jingyi, Li Mosen blue eyes became extremely indifferent, “To the bathroom. ”

With that, he left his seat and walked in the direction of the bathroom.

When Li Mosen walked into the corner, Quan Jingyi also stood up and said, “Enjoy, I’ll go to the bathroom too.” Then he followed Li Mosen.

The two of them moved one after the other, which immediately made Li Jianyue’s heart tense up again.

She stood up and tried to follow them, but Qin Xizao stretched forth and pulled her back. She smiled and said, “Jianyue, don’t follow them. Since there is a misunderstanding between them, they need to find an appropriate forum to resolve it. So we just listen to Jingyi, staying here and wait for them to resolve it themselves.”

Li Jianyue blinked and asked, “Can we?”

“Of course we can! But…” Qin Xizao put down the drink in her hand and stood up to sit next to Li Jianyue. She whispered, “I think senior Li was so strange.”