The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2280 - The Romance of Youth (12)

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Chapter 2280: The Romance of Youth (12)

It seemed a little inappropriate.

However, Li Jianyue really wanted to touch it, since it looked so tactile.

Seeing that she didn’t move, Li Mosen changed the topic and asked, “What’s the matter? ”

Li Jianyue chuckled and said, “Nothing. I just wanted to ask if you’re free tomorrow? I’d like to invite you out to hang out.”

Hearing her words, Li Mosen was surprised. “Invite?”

Li Jianyue nodded. “Yes! Are you free? ”

Li Mosen responded with a calm face, “I’m always free if you ask me out.”

Li Jianyue smiled slyly and stretched out a finger. “Good, you promised. No backing out!”

Li Mosen lowered his head slightly and smiled. “Of course not.”

Seeing his serious look, Li Jianyue turned around and went back to her room.

She had already taken the first step for success. When Brother Mosen met him tomorrow and got along with him, he would probably find out that Quan Jingyi was not as bad as he thought, maybe he would not object to her making friends with Quan Jingyi in the future.

The next day.

After breakfast, Li Jianyue went back to her room to change her clothes.

After changing, she went to knock on Mosen’s door, but she found the house empty.

Downstairs, Li Moyun was lying on the sofa watching TV. When he looked at Li Jianyue, who was coming down, and Li Mosen, who was obviously much more handsome than usual, he knew that they were going to secretly play without him again.

He stamped her foot in annoyance and decided to secretly follow them later.

Li Mosen was obviously in a good mood today. He Sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and a smile on his face. He looked at Li Jianyue, who was slowly walking down the stairs, and the meaning in his blue eyes became deeper.

Li Jianyue ran over happily and pulled Li Mosen’s arm. “Brother Mosen, let’s go! ”

Looking at the two of them, Li Moyun quickly jumped down, and his fat shook as well. He quickly asked, “Where are you going? ”

Li Jianyue turned around, making a face and sticking out her tongue at him, “I want to go out with brother Mosen, and I won’t bring you this time! ”

Li Moyun shook his head. “All of you are so well-dressed, and you don’t even bring me along. Those who don’t know would think that you are going on a date! ”

Hearing Li Moyun’s words, Li Mosen’s mood was obviously better. He held Li Jianyue’s hand and said, “Let’s go. ”

The meeting place decided by Quan Jingyi and Qin Xizao was under the LED in the World Trade Square.

On the way, Li Jianyue was not like before, pestering Li Mosen to tell him where they were going to play later.

Li Mosen was in a good mood today. When they were about to reach the World Trade Square, he slightly patted Li Jianyue beside him and asked, “Where are we going to play? ”

“Umm…” Li Jianyue looked back at the clock in the World Trade Square, “I don’t know yet. I will ask them when we arrive.”

“Them? ” Li Mosen’s eyes turned hardened. “Who else? ”

Li Jianyue didn’t hide it from him, but she still carefully looked at his face and said, “It’s Xi… ”

By then, the phone in Li Jianyue’s pocket suddenly rang.

Li Jianyue stopped talking and took out her phone to answer the call.

“Hello. ”

“Jianyue, are you here? Jingyi and I have arrived and we’ll wait for you by the side of the road.”

“We will arrive soon. We just passed the traffic light junction. ”

“Wow, then look outside the car window. Can you see me waving? “