The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2278 - The Romance of Youth (10)

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Chapter 2278: The Romance of Youth (10)

Once Li Mosen went from being polite to being extremely indifferent to a stranger, it proved that he didn’t like him, or that he did something that made him unhappy.

Li Jianyue immediately took his arm in a pleasing way and pampered her brother like she did when she was little, “Brother Mosen, to be honest, Xizao and Quan Jingyi are both very good people. They were all very nice to me and didn’t try to bring me down or anything. ”

Worrying that Li Mosen would not believe her, Li Jianyue tried her best to help the two of them to win back their good impression. “Quan Jingyi said that Xizao is actually a straight-A student, just like brother Mosen, she studies very well. ”

Staring at her enthusiastic look, Li Mosen pursed his lips and nodded lightly, then did not ask any more questions.

The next day, Quan Jingyi did not come to school for a day.

Just as Li Jianyue was about to send him a message to ask, she received Qin Xizao’s friend request. Li Jianyue had a good impression of Qin Xizao and had already treated her as her friend yesterday.

After agreeing to his friend’s expression, Qin Xizao took the initiative to send her a message.

After the two of them chatted for a while, Qin Xizao took the initiative to ask, “Did Jingyi not go to school? ”

Li Jianyue: “Yes, does Xizao know why he didn’t come to school? “?

[ Qin Xizao ] : (sighing Emoji) Not long after you left yesterday, his father called to urge him to go back. When I contacted him at night, he didn’t respond to me. He probably had a conflict with his father and stepmother again.

Then, Qin Xizao sent another message: “Jianyue, don’t worry about him. The little bastard often does such things and won’t stay for long. “.

Looking at the message sent by Qin Xizao, Li Jianyue recalled the time when Quan Jingyi’s father came to the school to deal with Quan Jingyi’s matter.

The indiscriminate attitude of Quan Jingcheng at the beginning was really unbearable. Even after he found out the truth later, the damage to Quan Jingyi at that time was not easily healed.

Li Jianyue looked out of the window with her chin propped up and muttered, “Was Quan Jingyi beaten up by his father again? ”

Because tomorrow was the weekend, Li Sicheng went out to eat with his wife and children. After dinner, he played outside for a long time before returning home.

In the car, Li Jianyue received a wechat message from Qin Xizao.

[ Qin Xizao ] : Jianyue, I just saw you and senior Li. Did your family come out to dine together?

Li Jianyue subconsciously looked out of the car window, but she didn’t see Qin Xizao.

She lowered her head and quickly replied with a message: Yes, are you eating here with your family too?

[ Qin Xizao ] : No, I’m with Jingyi.

As soon as Qin Xizao’s WeChat message was sent, the phone beeped again.

[ Quan Jingyi ] : What are you going to do tomorrow?

Li Jianyue wanted to ask him why he hadn’t contacted her for the whole day.

But when she thought it might involve the domestic affairs of Quan Jingyi, she gave up.

[ Li Jianyue ] : No, why?

[ Quan Jingyi ] : Go out to make up for the last time.

[ Li Jianyue ] :Okay!

Last time, Quan Jingyi said that he would take her to eat delicious food and play fun, but because of brother Mosen, they didn’t go in the end..

Oh No!

Li Jianyue immediately covered her mouth and looked back at Li Mosen who was sitting beside her.

How did she answer Quan Jingyi so quickly!

If brother Mosen knew that she wanted to go out with Quan Jingyi again, he would definitely be angry again.

At this time, another notification sounded on Wechat.