The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2276 - The Romance of Youth (8)

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Chapter 2276: The Romance of Youth (8)

Li Mosen’s tone was normal, which let Li Jianyue’s nervous heart was instantly relieved. She told Li Mosen the address of Qin Xizao’s home.

More than twenty minutes later, The Servant of Qin Xizao’s home knocked on the door, saying that a boy had come to pick up his sister.

Li Jianyue put down the game controller, standing up, and said goodbye to the two people. “My brother came to pick me up, I’m going home first. ”

“Your brother? ” Qin Xizao was slightly stunned, and her eyes were filled with anticipation. “Is he senior Li from the third year of High School? ”

Li Jianyue nodded without any schemes and asked in surprise, “Xizao also knows brother Mosen? ”

Qin Xizao was stunned and shook her head with a disguised smile. “I don’t know him. Senior Li is very famous in the school. I just realized that your surname is also Li, so I just asked casually. I didn’t expect that you two are really brother and sister. ”

Qin Xizao put down the game controller and stood up. She said warmly, “Let’s go, Jianyue. I’ll send you off. ”

After that, Qin Xizao turned back and looked at Quan Jingyi, who was sitting on the ground lazily with one leg curled up with his hands behind his back. He said, “Hey, Jingyi, Jianyue is going home. Aren’t you going to send her off with me? ”

Quan Jingyi turned back and looked up at her, then his eyes fell on Li Jianyue.

He stared at Li Jianyue and curled his lips slightly. He said meaningfully, “I can see her again tomorrow. Why do you make trouble for her today? ”

Turning around, Quan Jingyi raised an arm and waved his hand. “Take care on the road. ”

Qin Xizao didn’t know about the enmity between Quan Jingyi and Li Mosen, so she didn’t understand what he meant at the moment.

“He said something unintelligible again. Jianyue, let’s go. Don’t talk to this little bast*rd anymore. ”

Qin Xizao didn’t understand, but Li Jianyue did.

But she was also very troubled. All of this was just a misunderstanding.

Quan Jingyi wasn’t wrong, and Brother Mosen wasn’t wrong either. She couldn’t be biased on either side of the scale in her heart.

When they went downstairs, Qin Xizao was holding Li Jianyue’s hand and warmly invited her to come often in the future. She liked her very much.

The two of them walked down while chatting and laughing. In the living room, Li Mosen sat on the Sofa and drank the tea that the servants had sent over.

He didn’t sit like most high school students today that hunched over with their legs crossed, but sit straight, like a nobility coming out of a classical painting.

Like staring at his natural blue eyes, Qin Xizao’s heart thumped unsteadily just looking at the back.

Qin Xizao’s hand was still holding Li Jianyue’s, with a smile at the corner of his mouth. But her eyes were already attracted by Li Mosen, and even her breathing became a little tight.

“Brother Mosen! ” Li Jianyue loosed Qin Xizao’s hand, running over quickly, and threw herself on Li Mosen’s back through the coach.

Probably afraid that the tea in his hand would burn her, Li Mosen immediately stretched out his arm and placed the cup on the coffee table.

He turned his head slightly and said in a low voice, “Be careful. ”

There was some unhappiness in his voice, but the care in it was obvious.

Looking at the interaction between them, Qin Xizao’s eyes were filled with envy.

If Li Mosen could treat her like this..

Li Mosen stood up and walked to Li Jianyue’s side. He raised his hand to help her tidy up her collar. Looking at Li Jianyue’s red face and sweat, he asked, “why is there so much sweat on your forehead? ”

Li Jianyue said happily, “I’m so excited to play games with Xizao and the others! ”

After that, she held Li Mosen’s hand and said to Qin Xizao, “Brother Mosen, this is my new friend, Qin Xizao. ”

Hearing Li Jianyue’s words, Li Mosen looked at Qin Xizao indifferently, as if he had just discovered her existence.