The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2272 - The Romance of Youth (4)

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Chapter 2272: The Romance of Youth (4)

“We won’t tease Aunt Quan Anymore, Hahaha! ”

“Shut up, we’re just classmates! ” Li Jianyue shouted.

But, obviously, it didn’t deter anyone.

Seeing her shy look, Quan Jingyi didn’t stay any longer. He stood up and walked out.

After Quan Jingyi left, Li Jianyue felt much more relaxed.

Not long after, the female classmate beside her handed the microphone to her and urged her to sing a song with another female classmate.

The song was selected by another female classmate. It was an old song from the streets, ‘Little Jumping Frog’.

The song was very cute and cheerful. Li Jianyue didn’t shy away. She walked up with the microphone. However, her female classmate’s microphone was snatched by Yang Zihao.

The classmates all knew that Yang Zihao fought with Quan Jingyi last time.

Someone joked, “Yang Zihao, you are taking advantage of the situation. Quan Jingyi just left and you dare to do this. Aren’t you afraid that Quan Jingyi will come back and beat you up? ”

“Haha, last time, Yang Zihao was beaten up badly by Quan Jingyi. ”

“Yang Zihao, Li Jianyue is the Quan Jingyi’s future wife. We won’t Stop Quan Jingyi from beating you up later. ”

Li Jianyue’s face flushed red. She wished she could find a mouse hole to hide in.

“Don’t talk nonsense! ” She said with a red face, “if you continue like this, I’m really going to be angry! ”

Yang Zihao was angry after being embarrassed. He looked at Li Jianyue nervously and said to everyone, “That’s right, don’t talk nonsense! When did Li Jianyue say that she wanted to date Quan Jingyi? ”

He would remember the humiliation Quan Jingyi gave him for the rest of his life!

Now that Quan Jingyi was not here, he was even more confident. After saying that, he puffed out his chest and said, “Quan Jingyi is just a dog who uses his advantage to bully others. What else does he know besides violence? All he knows is how to hit people. Li Jianyue wouldn’t like a bad young man like him who doesn’t study hard! ”

Although she didn’t like her classmates teasing her and Quan Jingyi, Li Jianyue was still extremely furious when she heard Yang Zihao insulting Quan Jingyi.

In the past, he was the one who made the first move. Bit, in the end, he was scolded by Quan Jingyi.

Moreover, how was Quan Jingyi a bad young man?

He was clearly very good at drawing and working hard. Before this exam, he studied very seriously.

Li Jianyue turned around angrily and was about to defend Quan Jingyi when the door of the private room was suddenly pushed open.

“It seems that I, a bad young man, didn’t beat you, a bookworm, enough last time so that you learn how to speak human language. ”

At the entrance of the private room, Quan Jingyi put his hands in his pockets and leaned against the door frame. He looked at the shocked Yang Zihao with a half-smile.

A tall and beautiful girl stood beside him.

When Yang Zihao saw Quan Jingyi, he couldn’t help but shiver. He immediately chickened out.

The boys in the class heckled, “Yang Zihao, quickly return the MIC to Zhao Jing. COME DOWN! ”

“If you don’t come down, Quan Jingyi will beat you up! ”

Yang Zihao was so angry that his face turned red. But when he saw Quan Jingyi’s half-smile, he didn’t say anything. He returned the MIC to the girl next to him.

Zhao Jing took Yang Zihao’s microphone and walked up to Li Jianyue. “Li Jianyue, I’ll choose another song. Let’s sing it again and ignore him. ”

Li Jianyue nodded and turned to look at the door.

Quan Jingyi smiled at her and raised his eyebrows. He said something to the girl next to him and the two of them walked in together.

Who was the girl next to him?

Li Jianyue couldn’t help but take another look. She felt that the girl felt looked familiar.