The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2268 - Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen (7)

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Chapter 2268: Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen (7)

Masses of students were pouring out of the building and into the gates. Li Jianyue was held by Quan Jingyi and walked together to the school entrance.

It was so striking!

Li Jianyue’s face was even hotter. She attempted to withdraw her hand, but Quan Jingyi held it a bit tightly. He said, “Follow up, you’re moving too slow.”

Li Jianyue thought so, compared with him, she did walk a little slow, so she gave up struggling and asked, “Where are you taking me?”

“To a place you can play with many interesting things and taste delicious food.”

When hearing that, Li Jianyue was lit up immediately, “Really? How about comparing it with the amusement park, which is better?”

Quan Jingyi laughed, “Have you only ever been to an amusement park? ”

“Are there any interesting places else?”

“So many.”Quan Jingyi said mysteriously.

Li Jianyue still wanted to ask more, but suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, she saw a familiar figure was standing against the column next to school entrance.

Li Jianyue was stunned. As she looked up at Li Mosen, her gaze happened to meet his dark eyes.

“Bother Mosen!” Li Jianyue said naturally.

As soon as Quan Jingyi heard her voice, he raised his eyebrows and followed her gaze.

Li Mosen looked at them with something indefinable in his eyes, then he stared at the her hand held by Quan Jingyi.

Time seemed to slow down, Li Mosen felt mixed emotions and squinted his eyes towards their hands.

Li Jianyue followed Li Mosen’s eyes and immediately shook Quan Jingyi’s hands off.

As if she had done something guilty.

But she did nothing indeed!

She had already told Brother Moson about the fact that she promised to hang out with Quan Jingyi and wouldn’t go home with him.

But the sense of guilty was so overwhelming!

Li Jianyue was really upset.

As she hesitated what to say, Li Mosen had already walked towards them.

Li Jianyue raised her eyes to look at Li Mosen. Her face was full of frustration and confusion, and she said, “Hum… Brother Mosen, why are you here?”

“To pick you up.” Li Mosen’s eyes were gloomy, and the voice of him were also indifferent, “Let’s go home.”

“But…” Before Li Jianyue finished, her arm was caught up by Li Mosen.

Li Jianyue was pulled over, but before she could get close to Li Mosen, her other hand was grasped again.

When she looked back, she found it was Quan Jingyi who grasped her hand. Quan Jingyi said to Li Mosen with a faint smile on his face, “Senior, Li Jianyue has already agreed to hang out with me, and she was supposed to tell you about it, right? ”

Yes, she did indeed.

But, he didn’t want to agree.

Everyone else can, but not Quan Jingyi.

The fellow was too aggressive.

Girls around sixteen or seventeen are most likely to be tempted by the sort of boys, how could he allow Quan Jingyi to hurt Li Jianyue?

Li Mosen drew back his sight and said calmly, “Yes, she did, but we’re not on your way, so don’t bother.”

Li Jianyue said quickly, “Brother Mosen, I have a date with Quan Jingyi to….”

Without a look at Li Jianyue, Li Mosen interrupted her simply and extended his hand to Quan Jingyi, “Give me her schoolbag please.”

Quan Jingyi looked down at the bag in his hand, then he raised his eyebrows, raising his hand and casually throwing it at him. He teased, “You’ll graduate next year. Will you be able to restrict her again then?”

His frivolous words were like a thorn, which straight headlong into the soft area in Li Mosen’s heart that he had been afraid to touch.

No, he could’t.