The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2267 - Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen(6)

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Chapter 2267: Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen(6)

Li Jianyue was happy as a child and sent a message back quickly: you’re awesome! You’ve made me look so beautiful!

[Quan Jingi]: It’s quite normal.

Li Jianyue laughed and whispered, “A really swaggerer.”

But seeing that picture, well, it’s so beautiful.

Li Jianyue typed a few words with smile and sent: see you tomorrow.

Next day

Li Jianyue arrived at the school as usual, but Quan Jingyi’s seat was still empty.

The bell rang and the teacher entered the class with books.

Li Jianyue sneakily took out her phone and tapped on Quan Jingyi’s WeChat, when she was about to send him a message asking why he didn’t come, a sound came from the door.

“Excuse me.”

At the door of the classroom, Quan Jingyi was standing here with a schoolbag on his shoulder casually.

The math teacher looked back at him and said flatly, “If you’re late next time, you’ll be standing outside for class.”

Quan Jingyi disregarded him and walked into the classroom with his schoolbag.

On the podium, the math teacher had already begun her lecture.

Li Jianyue took out her math book, and Quan Jingyi who was beside her also sat down, and he put a tiny wooden box on her book.

Li Jianyue looked back at him in surprise. Quan Jingyi said lazily, “Have a try.”

Li Jianyue blinked, “You did?”

He didn’t answer and seemed to admit that.

She glanced at the teacher on the podium and opened the wooden box on the sly.

After seeing the delicate candies and cookies placed inside, Li Jianyue’s eyes widened in shock.

If the cookies were still easier to bake, how did he make these exquisite and attractive candies, Li Jianyue wondered.

She couldn’t believe that these were all done by Quan Jingyi.

Is there anything he can’t do?

Just as she was about to raise her head to speak, Quan Jingyi reached for a candy and stuck it in her mouth.

As if a thief, Li Jianyue quickly lowered her head and peeked at the teacher.

The delightful low chuckle from Quan Jingyi came into her ears, ” Is it good?”

The sweet taste mixed milk and fruit were melted in her mouth little by little, Li Jianyue’s cheeks turned red, her heart beating fast because of guilty.

How dare he! If the teachers find that, they’ll be in trouble!

Li Jianyue picked up the book to cover her mouth and whispered, “You’re awesome, even can make candy and cookies.”

Quan Jingyi lowered his eyes and said, “My mother taught me this when I was very young.”

Li Jianye had never heard him talk about his mother before,and sincerely praised, “Auntie is awesome indeed!”

Quan Jingyi lowered his head, which made Li Jianyue couldn’t catch his expression. He faintly murmured, “Yeah, she’s awesome.”

Li Jianyue suddenly remembered that his mother had died when he was very young.

At the afternoon

The final bell rang. As the teacher walked out of the classroom with books, Quan JIngyi took both of their bags in his hand and kicked off his chair, walking out of the classroom as well.

Li Jianyue was stunned, then she shouted, “Hey!”

Such a scene attracted a lot of attention.

Quan Jingyi continue to walk without a backward glance, “Let’s go home.”

Quan Jingyi walked very fast. Being watched by the surrounding students, Li Jiangyue’s small face became a little hot, and she trotted to catch up.

Probably thinking Li Jianyue walked too slowly, Quan Jingyi stopped.

When Li Jianyue finally managed to catch up with him and wanted to stop to take breath, her hand was suddenly held.

Li Jianyue blinked. Feeling the warmth of the young man’s palm, her face was slightly hot.

She attempted to pull away her hand, but when she looked at Quan Jingyi’s indifferently expression, she was concerned what she did was too redundant.