The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2266 - Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen (5)

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Chapter 2266: Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen (5)

Li Mosen took a little soup with his spoon and couldn’t eat any more.

The little girl’s special way to flatter him really made it impossible for him to stay angry.

After thinking hard for a whole night, Li Jianyue could just find the only reason that she made Li Mosen unhappy.

She should not obsess with her own pleasures and ignore Li Mosen’s feelings.

After saying that, she recalled Li Mosen’s ambiguous look when she asked him whether he disliked Quan Jingyi this noon today, so she continued, “Brother Moson, Quan Jingyi is my friend now, he’s actually a nice person, so I…”

Before the words were ended, Li Jianyue found her arm suddenly seized and the person behind her tugged at her arm, pinning her against the side wall.

Li Mosen’s perfect and angular face was suddenly close to Li Jianyue and his dark eyes were staring at her, with the suppressed emotions.

Li Jianyue looked at Li Mosen stunningly. She forgot what she was going to say, and even forgot to move.

Her fair skin was very fine and smooth, looked like a fragile porcelain doll. Her large, intelligent eyes fixed on Li Mosen, and her thick, long eyelashes trembling slightly, which made Li Mosen’s heart completely soft.

Li Mosen dropped his eyes slightly, his gaze settled on her pink, tiny delicate mouth, which made his Adam’s apple move up and down unconsciously.

She was just in front of him within reach, he could kiss her at once and taste her sweetness if he wanted to.

Li Mosen raised his eyes and gazed at her. Li Jianyue burst out laughing, her pitch-black shine eyes became two curved crescent.

She looked at him with a smile and asked, “What’s wrong? Brother Mosen?”

Li Mosen stared motionlessly at Li Jianyue and pinched his lips more tightly together.

He didn’t know how many times he had imagined the scene in his mind, but at this moment, he hesitated.

Li Jianyue was so pure that he couldn’t bear to hurt her.

After a long time, he pinched her cheek and said softly, “He’s not what you have seemed, don’t get too close to him in the future.”

Li Jianyue opened her mouth to excuse Quan Jingyi, but when she looked at Li Mosen’s face, she finally swallowed the words in her throat.

Li Mosen stood up straight and turned around, “I’m going to have a shower, you can go back to sleep.”

Li Jianyue nodded her head meekly and said, “Do remember to finish the snack, Bother Mosen .”

“I will.”

Returning to her room, Li Jianyue took off her shoes and laid down on her bed, looking at the ceiling and sighing deeply. She pondered how could she explain to Li Mosen in the future that make him stop having antipathy for Quan Jingyi.


At the moment, the phone on the table buzzed.

She turned over to get her phone, checking her phone, and she saw the message from Quan Jingyi.

[Quan Jingyi]: How about going home together tomorrow after school?

Li Jianyue blinked and replied: But I always go home with Brother Mosen.

The message was sent for a long time, but Li Jianyue had not received his reply.

Just when Li Jianyue was about to put it down when Quan Jingyi’s message was sent again: Never mind, see you tomorrow.

Then he sent a painting to her, which is that she was wearing the Pikachu costume at the amusement park today.

She held the Pikachu headgear in both hands, the smile on her little cute face was especially brilliant.

Under Quan Jingyi’s brushstrokes, her eyes overflowed with a warm, clear light that made the whole picture beautiful.

This painting was many times better than the photos Quan Jingyi had sent her before!