The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2265 - Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen (4)

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Chapter 2265: Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen (4)

Halfway through her words, Li Mosen’s face went grim.

When seeing his sudden change in face,Li Jianyue shrunk her neck with shock.

She stuck out her tongue at him, not realizing where she’d gone wrong, “What’s the matter! He’s really not a bad guy, it’s just his behavior sometimes… Hey, Brother Moson, where are you going? Wait for me!”

Li Mosen clenched his fist, refusing to hear any other word about Quan Jingyi from her little mouth and turned to leave sullenly.


On this excursion of the amusement park, apart from Li Jianyue, Li Moyun and Li Mosen didn’t enjoy themselves very much.

Li Moyun, needless to say, was still felt upset about being cheated and even vowed after he came out of the amusement park that he would never go out with the two big liars, Ersu and Li mosen, again.

The bad mood of Li Mosen, on the other hand, didn’t show up on the outside, except that he became a little silent when he got home and hardly touched his dinner.

In the evening, when Li Mosen was reading a book in his bedroom, the door was knocked on.

He looked back over, Li Jianyue had sneakily opened the door a little, poking out half of her little head, and sweetly called out “Brother Mohsen”, then pushed the door blandly and walked in with a bowl of supper.

Li Mosen turned back to his book and continued reading, asking, “Anything wrong?”

Li Jianyue put the bowl on the table and sit on a stool next to him. She held her little face in her hands and said, “You haven’t eaten much at night, so I specifically asked Aunt Rong to prepare some supper for you!”

Although she didn’t know why her brother was suddenly so angry at noon when they are at the amusement park, she also realized that Brother Mosen was so angry because of her that he hadn’t even eaten dinner, So she specially asked Nanny Rong to make a snack and brought it over herself.

Li Mosen replied without looking up and then continued reading his book without paying any attention to her at all.

Li Jianyue rolled her eyes, pulling the stool closer to him, and said, “I asked Granny Rong to make your favorite dumplings. If you don’t eat them, I’ll leave them to Moyun.”

Li Mosen continued to flip through the book in his hands and said perfunctorily, “Well, I’m not hungry, so you can give it to Moyun.”

“You’re condoning Moyun to ‘commit a crime’!” She took his arm and poked her little head over, “What are you reading, Brother Moxon? Is it interesting?”

Actually from the moment she came in, Li Mosen’s attention was completely off the book.

Li Jianyue’s question let Mosen earth to himself and look back at the contents of the book. Noting that there were some inappropriate sentences in it, he shut the book with a snap, “Never mind, it is just a regular extracurricular book.”

After speaking that, he reached for his supper.

Seeing that he had finally started to eat his snack, Li Jianyue stood up and circled around Li Mosen’s room with her small hands behind her back, as if she was overseeing his finishing his meal.

Li Mosen’s room, like his personality, was understated and minimalist, not overly decorated, but everything was placed appropriately.

Li Jianyue was leaning on glass-topped of the cabinet, looking at the garage kits inside as she said, “Brother Mohsen, don’t be angry with me, please… If you miss the dinner just because you’re upset with me. I’ll be sad too.”

” I will never ignore you the next time we go to an amusement park!”

The words spoken by a sweet voice were melodious and pleasant, and her careless words were as refreshing as the charming scent of wine.

Li Mosen took a little soup with his spoon and couldn’t eat any more.