The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2263 - Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen (2)

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Chapter 2263: Quan Jingyi VS Li Mosen (2)

Watching the youth’s back, a sense of crisis came into Li Mosen mind.

He always treated Li Jianyue as his private treasure, but now she was coveted by others, which made him alarmed.

Li Mosen restrained the look on his face and walked forward in silence.

When Li Mosen came up to Li Jianyue, he found that she was tilting her head and gesturing with her hands to pretend a bunny. Li Jianyue was very excited. Her big black eyes were clear and pure, and her tender, fair face looked so cute.

And Quan Jingyi, who was standing in front of her, was peering at Li Jianyue with a smile lifted the corner of his mouth.

The look in his eyes, which Li Mosen could understand as well, was the expression of being attracted to the opposite sex.

“Bother Mosen, you’re back! ”

Li Moyun who stood aside saw him first and raised his hand to wave at him.

When hearing that, Li Jianyue, as well as Quan Jingyi, turned around and look towards him.

Li Mosen pinched his lips with a brief smile and cast a glance at Quan Jingyi.

And Quan Jingyi also fixed on him with searching eyes.

“Bother Mosen, What did you order?” Li Jianyue turned and ran to him, grabbing his arm to look at the receipt, and she shouted complacently, “Huhu, it’s all the food I love!”

Li Moyun roared in anger, “I’ll never hang out with liars again!!!”

Li Jianyue smiled carelessly, “Brother Mosen only ordered three meals, if you don’t want to eat it, then I will leave it to Quan Jingyi.”

In the presence of a foodie, you can do everything except taking away his food.

Li Moyun immediately looked alertly at Quan Jingyi, who thrust his hands into his trouser pockets. Quan Jingyi raised this eyebrows slightly and said in cooperation, “I’m fine with it.”

“No way!!!” Li Moyun immediately pulled Li Mosen’s arm and roared, “Who said I won’t eat! Brother Mosen, I want the largest one!”

Li Jianyue crossed her arms and said, “Quan Jingyi has already agreed to have lunch with us, your share is gone!”

Hearing the words of Li Jiangyue, Li Mosen’s eyebrows unconsciously frowned slightly.

Li Mosen glanced coldly at Quan Jingyi who had no intention to leave, and as if nothing had happened, he freed his hands and slipped his arm around Li Jianyue’s shoulder: “Let’s go, find seats first.”

Li jianyue tilted her head up to look at him, “Brother Mosen, I’ve invited my classmate to have lunch with us, could you order another meal for him?”

Li Mosen said with a calm face, ” I’ve ordered a lot already, so it ought to be adequate for the four of us, and I will order more if that is not enough indeed.”

The four were led by an attendant and sat down in the lounge area.

Li Jianyue pulled a stool cheerfully to sit next to Quan Jingyi. Following up on the previous topic, she asked curiously , “Can you take me here to do a part-time job together?”

Looking her expectant and pure eyes, Quan Jingyi’s heart itched as if it a feather was touching it, and the words of rejection choked in his throat.

At that moment, Li Mosen suddenly interjected, “You want to do a part-time job here?”

Li Jianyue turned back and nodded excitedly, “I want to experience it as well, it’s so interesting according to Quan Jingyi’s description!”

“No way.” Li Mosen picked up a cup and took a sip of water from his glass, then he said tonelessly, “Dad and Mom won’t agree.”

Although Li Sicheng and Su Qianci didn’t spoil their children, they would not allow Li Jianyue to experience social life too early.

After all, they had to focus on studies now, and there would be plenty of opportunities for social practice in the future.

Li Jianyue pouted unhappily. Li Mosen poured a glass of water to her, coaxing, “When we’re on vacation, I’ll take you to do a part-time job with me, and Dad won’t say no.”

The sort of interest was momentary, and after a while, it would be forgotten.