The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2260 - Excuse Quan Jingyi

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Chapter 2260: Excuse Quan Jingyi

Looking at the big silly bear, Li Jianyue were a bit hesitant. She wanted to come up and greeted to him, but was afraid of mistaking him for someone else.

And Li Mosen, who was next to her, caught Li Jianyue’s eyes as well. He gazed deeply at her and patted her on the shoulder, saying, “What are you looking at?”

“I am looking for…”

Li Moyun following behind suddenly shouted, “I want to eat an ice-cream!”

“No way, this is the easiest way to gain weight!” Li Jianyue said. Then she patted Li Mosen, “Stop Li Moyun right now. If he keeps eating, he’ll even burst his clothes!”

Li Mosen reached an arm around her neck, then he walked over towards the chubby Li Moyun and said, “Eat later. You’ve just finished your breakfast hours ago. If you’re going to eat an ice cream more, will you still be able to have a buffet?”

As soon as Li Moyun heard that, he immediately concentrated on the word “buffet” and was entirely lit up at once.

“Buffet!” Said Li Moyun with animation

Li Jianyue blinked her eyes confusedly.

If they went to the buffet, Li Moyun would eat more food.

How could he lose his weight in that case?

But the next second, Li Jianyue received the eyes from Li Mosen.

Li Jianyue understood his hint instantly, and began to feel a little sympathy for Li Moyun.

At the moment, Li Moyun was still immersed in the joy of the coming buffet, and he was even selecting the buffet restaurant he would go which can cook meat well or offer more tasty desserts.

At the thought of that, Li Moyun’s mouth was watering. He suck in his stomach, deciding to digest the previous food he had eaten first.

On the other hand, Li Mosen looked at Li Jianyue and said, “What are you looking for?”

“Well, I am looking for my classmate who is doing a part-time job here. He works here every day after school.” Li Jianyue fell the vision to the crowds ahead again and moved her glance at a Kumamon bear, “Do you remember the Kumamon bear? I have bought a pair of kitten ears from him last time.”

Li Mosen certainly remembered that.

The last time they came over here, he found that the Kumamon bear had been watching them.

He was either looking at Li Jianyue, or was looking at him.

Li Mosen was very sensitive to people’s gazes. He looked towards the Kumamon bear and narrowed his eyes.

The Kumamon bear swaying from side to side was surrounded by a group of kids now. It looked charmingly naive, holding an enormous bunch of balloons and many small toys. The Kumamon bear handed the items to the kids one by one. After confirming their parents had scanned the QR code and paid, he waved goodbye to the kids.

All kids had enjoyed themselves. They also waved goodbye to Kumamon bear one after another and soon grabbed the balloons and walked away.

It was just a crowed of kids leaving and a new crowed of kids coming around, which made Kumamon go into overdrive.

Li Jianyue looked at the busy Kumamon bear and said, “I am not sure whether the Kumamon bear is him or not, since I can’t see his face, and what he’s selling is different than last time. Tsk, he seems to be busy indeed.”

Li Mosen puckered his lips, ” Are you on good terms with him?”

“Well, I can only say not too bad. We are just classmates.” Li Jianyue turned to look at Li Mosen and gave him a blink, “at the beginning,I quite disliked him, since I thought he was a troublesome youth, and his academic performance was not good either. What’s more, he always dozed off during the class, and was drowsy all day long. But the other day I happened to find out that he failed to get enough sleep because he had to make money, since his father refused to give him pocket money due to his stepmother. Further more, he didn’t allowed Quan Jingyi to draw paintings. Actually Quan Jingyi have a talent to draw. Let me show you.”

Li Jianyue had taken Quan Jingyi off the WeChat blocked list since last time, and Quan Jingyi also sent her a few her portraits.

With no more than few strokes, Li Jianyue’s expressions came alive on the paper. Even Li Mosen was surprised at his excellent drawing skills.