The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2251 - Brother Mosen, What’s Wrong?

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Chapter 2251: Brother Mosen, What’s Wrong?

Su Qianci had only raised her voice a little. But it was enough to stun Li Mosen into immediate silence.

Li Sicheng looked at the child he had personally raised. He narrowed his eyes. “So, are you done?” he asked, seeking closure.

Li Mosen pursed his lips and clenched his fists. He nodded his head at Li Sicheng. “I am.”

Li Sicheng reached out and gave a pat to Su Qianci, seated beside him. “Since you’re done, off to bed,” he said slowly and deliberately.

Li Mosen clenched his fists more tightly. He bowed slightly and turned to leave the study.

As he was opening the door, Su Qianci called out, “Mosen.”

Li Mosen froze.

Su Qianci had suddenly felt quite upset. She said gently, “There’s no parent who doesn’t want the best for their child. You are our son. What your father just said to you is the best option out there. You’re still too young to know what exactly you want. What you need the most now isn’t our affirmation. But a chance to calm down. Once you’ve had a chance to clear your head, you’ll understand many things.”

Li Mosen paused for a moment, taking in what Su Qianci had said. He opened the door wide and strode out.

That wasn’t it!

They had no idea at all what he wanted!

His affection for Ersu didn’t grow out of impulse.

He knew about his identity early in his childhood. He had wanted to repay them by doing something that was within his ability.

But, somewhere along the way, he had grown used to the feeling of being needed.

The innocent and lovable Ersu always looked at him in wide-eyed wonder. She giggled and cutely addressed him as Brother Mosen.

Brother Mosen, I want that.

Brother Mosen, you’re the best!

Of course, Brother Mosen is the most outstanding!

I love Brother Mosen the most!

Mosen walked upstairs, absent-mindedly. As he pictured Ersu’s face, his ominous expression gradually dissipated. Even the look in his eyes softened.

The faint sound of a door opening came from upstairs.

Li Jianyue’s little head peeked out. When she saw Li Mosen, she blinked her eyes and asked, “Brother Mosen, what’s wrong? Why did Dad call you into his study?”

Li Mosen looked at Li Jianyue’s innocent and endearing face. The solemnity in his face ebbed off. The dark clouds gave way to sunshine.

Li Mosen approached her and patted her gently on her head. “Why aren’t you asleep yet?” he asked.

Li Jianyue wasn’t the smartest kid on the block. Her reactions, too, were sometimes slow. But she could immediately sense that Li Mosen was upset. “What’s wrong?” she asked again. “Did Dad reprimand you?”

The expression in Li Mosen’s eyes softened as he looked at her. He nudged Li Jianyue into her room. “Let’s go in first. We’ll talk inside.”

Li Jianyue quickly made way and opened the door to let him in.

Li Mosen’s initial thought when he was about to enter Li Jianyue’s room was to close the door. But a feeling of bitterness came over him. It made him change his mind after some hesitation. Li Mosen left the door wide open as he walked in.

Li Jianyue was surprised by his action. “Hey, why aren’t you closing the door?”

She walked to the door to close it. After closing it, Li Jianyue jumped onto her bed. “So, what’s wrong? What do you want to talk to me about?”

The soft mattress sank under her weight as she sat on it. It looked very comfortable.

“If I went overseas, would you miss me?”

“What? You’re going overseas?” Li Jianyue reacted with a huge surprise. Immediately she understood. “Is it because I told Dad that you intend to enroll at Kingstown University? Is that the reason why Dad wants you to go abroad?”