The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2249 - Chasing Him Away

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Chapter 2249: Chasing Him Away

It was Li Mosen’s way of survival, living in this household.

It also was a way for him to be a faithful member of the family.

He didn’t dare to reveal his true feelings for Li Jianyue. He feared that it would lead to Li Sicheng chasing him out of the house and keeping them separate.

Li Mosen had kept his emotions hidden from everyone for so many years. He had never imagined that Li Sicheng would uncover them.

Li Mosen’s heart raced.

The only other time he had ever experienced such panic was when he was five or six years old. His life had hung by a thread as the crazy woman, Tang Mengying, held him hostage.

That same emotion tugged at his heart once again. He felt defenseless against it.

When Li Sicheng didn’t get a straight answer from Li Mosen, it only served to confirm his suspicion. In a tone deep, he called out, “Mosen.”

Li Mosen clutched his thighs with both hands. Deep in his heart, he braced himself for the worst.

Li Sicheng had found out.

Li Sicheng now knew everything.

Li Sicheng was such an intelligent man. There was no way that he couldn’t figure it out.

A sense of desperation overcame Li Mosen. When he heard Li Sicheng call his name, Li Mosen raised his head and said, “Dad, indeed, I’ve always known that I’m not your biological child. That’s all the more reason why I do not want to leave Kingstown.”

“I’m not asking you to leave,” Li Sicheng interrupted him. “I feel that you should make a better choice and enroll in a better university. It’s entirely your choice whether you choose a university that is overseas or within the country. You’ll be wasting your talent if you remain in Kingstown.”


“Mosen,” Su Qianci said gently, “let your father finish.”

Li Mosen kept quiet. His fair skin made his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down more apparent.

Li Sicheng continued, “You’ve gotten too close to Ersu. Perhaps you don’t even realize the feelings that you have for her. I suggest that you go abroad for a few years to clear your head.”

Li Mosen was in full panic mode. “That’s not it, Dad. What I feel for Ersu is merely an affection between siblings,” he protested.

“It isn’t.” Li Sicheng’s gaze was like a falcon’s, pinning him down firmly. It was as if he could see through Li Mosen, laying bare all of his secrets.

Su Qianci hadn’t expected Li Sicheng to see it that way. Frowning, she said, “Ersu had always relied on Mosen since she was young. Mosen had simply gotten used to indulging Ersu. It’s true that they shared a close bond. But they grew up together. It’s only normal that they would be close, how could you think…”

“Yes. It’s normal for them to be close. But the look in his eyes says something different,” Li Sicheng said with conviction. His voice gradually grew stern as he continued, “Mosen, Ersu only treats you as an older brother. She’s still very innocent and doesn’t understand anything. That’s why she doesn’t understand the emotions in your eyes.”

As he spoke, he stood up and approached Li Mosen quietly. “But I am a man. Of course, I can tell what the look in your eyes means.”

It is not the way an older brother would look at his younger sister.

It is the look a man would give to the woman he loved.

Li Sicheng had experienced it. Naturally, he knew it well.

Li Mosen was indeed outstanding. He was smart, well-behaved, talented, and hard-working.

Even so, he wasn’t good enough for Li Sicheng’s one and only precious daughter!

Li Mosen panicked. As he sat in the chair, he felt his soul sucked out of him.

She was, after all, a child that he had raised. When Li Sicheng saw Li Mosen’s reaction, he softened his expression. He said sincerely, “Mosen, you are still young, and you are very talented. I will recommend you to a professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University. I’ll give you a few years to clear your head and calm down.”