The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2245 - Poor Little Fatty

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Chapter 2245: Poor Little Fatty



Li Moyun looked at his phone. Li Jianyue had sent him another batch of pictures.

[Peaceful Pretty Girl[Little Sun]]: [Voice]

(Do you want some? Come here! The food in this restaurant is delicious, and it has four types of hot-pot soup: Tomato, Chicken, Butter, and Seafood! The brisket is savory and sweet, even melts in the mouth!)

Besides Li Jianyue’s voice, Li Moyun could also hear the voices of his mom and dad, as well as the other people around them.


Li Moyun swallowed his saliva.

Qin Shuhua felt sorry for Li Moyun. “Just let him have a bit. The child is already used to it. It would be tough on him if he stayed hungry at night and not eat anything.”

Li Moyun nodded quickly and looked innocently at his grandfather.

“Hmph, look how wimpish you are. Are you that hungry?” Li Yao asked.

Li Moyun nodded his head again. “Yes, I am!” he said in a tearful tone.

Li Yao shook his head. “Give him a piece of hardtack,” he told Qin Shuhua.

“No!” Li Moyun screamed. “Grandpa, I want to eat a delicious meal! Look at my sister. She had even sent me photos of various food to tempt me!”

Li Moyun placed his phone in front of Li Yao. “See, she’s gone too far! Is she genuinely my elder sister?” he thundered.

Li Jianyue sent Li Moyun another video.

Li Chulin, Li Mosen, Li Jianqian, as well as Su Qianci and Li Sicheng were all in the video. In the middle was a steaming hot pot. A cursory look showed it to be the main dish.

In the last clip, Li Jianyue had turned the camera on herself. She was smelling the food and indicating how yummy it was.

Li Yao’s eyes twinkled around the edges. “Our Ersu is so cute!” he said, smiling.

Li Moyun was left speechless.

What the hell was grandpa focusing on?

Qin Shuhua leaned over and watched the video again. It brought a smile to her face as she said, “Of course. Ersu had always been good-looking. Of the three children, she was the prettiest.”

Li Yao fully agreed with Qin Shuhua and nodded. He eyed Li Moyun and became even more disgruntled. “Look what you’re feeding! A pig?”

Li Moyun was speechless again.

Li Yao gave Qin Shuhua an ultimatum. “Give him a piece of hardtack. Also, his lunchbox for school on Monday must contain only an all-vegan meal. No meat for a month!”

Li Moyun cried out in a sorrowful voice. “Grandpa, why do you detest me so much? Am I genuinely your grandson? Grandma! I don’t want to be a vegetarian, neither do I want to eat hardtack!

Qin Shuhua felt anguished. She looked at Li Moyun’s fat body and sighed lightly. “You’d better follow your grandfather’s words, good boy.”

Li Moyun gave up his struggle. He took a piece of hardtack with a glass of water under the gaze of Li Yao. Feeling bitter and almost in tears, he swallowed the biscuit. Li Moyun looked enviously at the screen showing the pictures of food that Li Jianyue had sent. He bit even harder on the hardtack.

Qin Shuhua felt sorry for Li Moyun. But at the same time, she was amused by the scene. She picked up Li Moyun’s phone. Without anyone noticing, she began to record a short video. She wanted to share it in WeChat Moments.

Li Jianyue refreshed WeChat Moments and saw the video. She immediately laughed aloud and made a video call to Li Moyun.

Li Moyun cried out and roared tearfully, “Leave me the hell alone!”

Roars of laughter came from the other side of the line. Li Moyun hung up decisively and started crying under the covers.

Rejoicing her plan’s success, Li Jianyue dipped her chopsticks in Li Mosen’s bowl. She picked up a piece of meat that he had put in his bowl only moments earlier. She put the meat in her mouth with relish. Li Jianyue gave an appreciative smack of her lips. “It’s so yummy.”

Li Mosen mumbled, “You are quite the chowhound.”

A glimmer of a smile crossed Li Mosen’s eyes. He put a few more pieces of meat in Li Jianyue’s bowl.