The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2240 - A Warning Sign

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Chapter 2240: A Warning Sign

Sun Xiaoyu?

Indeed, Sun Xiaoyu was the person most likely to harbor a motive to do something like that.

Quan Jingyi’s explanation had laid out his train of thought very clearly.

Infuriated, Li Jianyue huffed. “Sun Xiaoyu is so mean! Why would he do something like that?”

“Probably because he hates you,” Quan Jingyi said with a cynical smile. “After all, you embarrassed him in public.”

“But that wasn’t me!” Li Jianyue protested. “It was you! You deliberately stuck your leg out when he walked past you, and then you feigned innocence. You’re horrible!”

“I did not…” Quan Jingyi said casually with a lazy smile. “I didn’t do it on purpose. The table was too small for long my legs. What choice did I have?”

Li Jianyue instinctively set her sights on Quan Jingyi’s legs.

They did look a little long.

As the tallest student in the class, it was quite reasonable for Quan Jingyi to say something like that.

Quan Jingzi felt her gaze on him and hurriedly pulled his legs in. “Stop looking. It’s even longer than you can imagine.”

“What the hell?” Li Jianyue muttered.

Deep in her heart, Li Jianyue quietly felt happy.

Li Jianyue had never expected Quan Jingyi would speak to her in this manner.

It seemed like the events of that day had narrowed the distance between them considerably.

Li Mosen, standing by the side of Li Jinyue, saw a faint smile appear on her face and grew annoyed.

“It’s time to go home,” Li Mosen said dryly. “Let’s go.”

Li Jianyue pouted her lips. “But the bicycle is damaged!”

“It’ll be fine tomorrow. Uncle Yang is almost here,” Li Mosen looked into the near distance for signs of the car. Just then, an inconspicuous black sedan approached them.

“If you don’t want to sit in the car, I can give you a lift,” Quan Jingyi offered. His youthful voice was clear and bright. “It’s on the way, after all.”

Li Jianyue did not want to sit in the car. She again began to wonder where on earth his home was when she heard Quan Jingyi’s renewed offer.

“That won’t be necessary. It’s too much trouble. Thank you for your offer,” Li Mosen interjected in a flash.

Li Jianyue also felt that it would cause too much trouble for Quan Jingyi. As much as she wanted to say yes, she decided against it after giving it some thought.

They had been acquainted for some time now. But they were not entirely on familiar terms. Li Jianyue felt that she had no choice but to echo Li Mosen’s sentiments. “Thank you, but I’ll pass. We can make our way back on our own.”

Just as she finished talking, the car stopped by their side.

Li Mosen, ever the gentleman, opened the car door for Li Jianyue. The appearance of the car’s interior was vintage and luxuriously comfortable.

Their grandmother had arranged the car for the sole purpose of ferrying them to and from school.

Unexpectedly, none of the children in the family was willing to use the car. All of them preferred to ride their bicycles. Li Moyun was even more extreme. He managed to acquire an electric scooter and joyfully rode it to school every day.

The old-fashioned interior made Li Jianyue even more hesitant to get into the car.

With a grimace, she waved goodbye to Quan Jingyu and took her seat.

Quan Jingyi watched Li Jianyue get into the car. The next instant, his eyes met Li Mosen’s dark and unfathomable gaze.

To be sure, Li Mosen’s appearance looked very aggressive at that moment. As he stared at Quan Jingyi, Li Mosen’s Western features stood out even more prominently. Quan Jingyi could easily see in Li Mosen’s eyes the warning sign he was flashing him.