The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2239 - Who Damaged It?

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Chapter 2239: Who Damaged It?

“Well, you’ll have to unblock me first!” Quan Jingyi looked at her small black-haired head. A faint fragrance emanating from her was enough to perk him up. “I can’t send you anything now. You won’t be able to receive it either.”

“Huh?” Li Jianyue looked a little puzzled. “Have we already added each other on WeChat? How come I don’t know about it?”

From the corner of his eye, Quan Jingyi caught a glimpse of Li Mosen’s darkening expression. He pretended not to notice him. “We added each other a while ago. I got your number from Yang Zihao’s cell phone.”

It all began to make sense to Li Jianyue. “So that’s why I thought it was Yang Zihao’s friend! When Yang Zihao wrote me a love letter, he told me that it was from his friend. Later I found out that he was the one who wrote it. Hmph, even the WeChat contact was his own!”

Li Jianyue took out her cell phone while was she was talking. “Which number is yours?” she asked.

Li Mosen, standing beside her, didn’t say a word the whole time Quan Jianyi and Li Jinyue talked. He didn’t quite like their interaction. He clenched his fists slightly before relaxing them. “Your purpose in coming here was to get Ersu to unblock you, wasn’t it?” he asked curtly.

Being a male too, Quan Jingyi could quite naturally detect the hostility Li Mosen had towards him.

Strangely, Quan Jingyi remained quite upbeat. “Not at all.”

He met Li Mosen’s cold eyes. “I saw the two of you standing here and wondered if you needed help. About the drawings and being unblocked, I just brought it up in passing,” he smiled, his tone carefree.

“Your bicycle was way back over there. How did you know about the damage to our bicycle?” Li Mosen asked in a low voice. “Do you know who did this?”

Li Jianyue was still fiddling with the cell phone. She looked up abruptly when she heard Li Mosen’s line of questioning.

Flushed with anger, Li Jianyue asked, “Yeah! Who was it? Do you know who did it? How cruel! I bet it was some girl!”.

“No, it wasn’t,” Quan Jingyi said casually.

“So, it was a boy?” Li Mosen asked, his blue eyes narrowed as he looked at Quan Jingyi. His tone was unmistakably hostile. “Are you trying to tell us it was you?” he ventured a guess.

Li Jianyue widened her eyes. “No way!”

Li Jianyue immediately recalled all the unsavory rumors about Quan Jingyi.

Bad boy, ruffian, delinquent, thug.

If he had indeed vandalized the bicycle and given the way people had labeled him, it would probably be normal?

Li Jianyue was at once both afraid and angry. “Was it you? Why did you do that?” she demanded.

Quan Jingyi observed the angry expression on her tender little face. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I’m not stupid enough to do something like that,” he said exasperatedly.

“Is that so?” Li Mosen asked, his tone was eerily calm. “Since you witnessed who did it, why didn’t you stop him?”

“I didn’t witness it.” Quan Jingyi rolled his eyes and looked at him. “I’m just taking a guess. I believe you have your suspicions, too.”

Li Mosen’s face did not betray his thoughts as he looked at Quan Jingyi.

Quan Jingyi looked down at the thoroughly damaged back seat of the bicycle. “This seat was slashed by a small knife, probably a collectible Swiss Army knife,” he deduced. “Most boys like carrying such items with them. Furthermore, the depth of the marks was not the same. It means someone had used more than one blade. The cuts also look very clean. That means the knife was extremely sharp and well maintained. Look at the cut marks on the railings at the side. They, too, look new. I have seen Sun Xiaoyu carrying one such knife in class before.”