The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2238 - : Unblock Me

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Chapter 2238: Unblock Me

Li Jianyue had always known that her brother was very popular with the girls. But, she refused to accept that as a reason to vandalize the bicycle.

She adored the seat!

Li Jianyue became more upset the longer she thought about it. Her lips quivered, and her eyes turned red. “What do we do now?” she asked in a choking voice.

Li Mosen’s face darkened, and he walked to Li Jianyue’s side. He gently wrapped his arms around her shoulders and said, “The school has surveillance cameras. We’ll be able to find out who did it.”

Li Jianyue sniffed. “But how are we going to go home now? The seat is damaged so badly that I can’t sit on it.”

Li Mosen pursed his lips. “We’ll walk back.”

“I don’t want to,” Li Jianyue pouted. “It’ll take us half an hour to walk back. Dad and Mom are at home, waiting for us to come for dinner!”

Su Qianci and Li Sicheng were rarely at home. Usually, they were either on a business trip or vacation. The couple had a happy and carefree life.

Li Jianyue had been yearning for their return for a long time. Now they had finally come back. The thought of not being able to rush home in time to greet them was almost crushing her heart.

“Don’t worry, I’ll ask Uncle to come and pick us up,” Li Mosen patted Li Jianyue on her shoulder. “I’ll make the phone call. At the same time, we can now find out who did this.”

Li Jianyue was reluctant at first, but faced with no other option, she agreed to his suggestion.

They were making their way to the security booth when a bicycle headed toward their direction.

Li Jianyue blinked when she saw the rider.

Quan Jingyi’s youthful aura was still strong in his ill-fitting uniform. He looked at Li Jianyue and raised his thick brows slightly. Quan Jingyi noticed the badly damaged back seat of the bicycle. “Would you like me to send you back?” he asked.

His question took Li Jianyue by surprise.

This guy knows how to be kind?

How incredible!

Li Jianyue looked at the backseat of Quan Jingyi’s bicycle. It, too, appeared very soft and comfortable. Li Jianyue felt a little excited. “But you don’t live near us,” she blinked and asked while still staring at the back seat.

“It’s on the way,” Quan Jingyi said plainly.

“That won’t be necessary,” Li Mosen cut in and walked over with a stern look in his eyes. “Thank you, Quan Jingyi. But I’ve already made a phone call to our chauffeur. He’ll be here soon to pick us up,” he said curtly.

“All right,” Quan Jingyi shrugged his shoulders. “Okay, then. Forget it,” he said indifferently.

Li Jianyue saw that as a missed opportunity.

She honestly didn’t want to travel in the car. She much preferred riding on the bicycle.

On a bicycle ride back home, she would be able to watch the sunset and feel the breeze on her face. How refreshing that was!

As she didn’t want to inconvenience Quan Jingyi, Li Jianyue went along with Li Mosen. “Our chauffeur will be here soon. You should go back,” she said.

Quan Jingyi smiled gently. “Well, remember to unblock my number. I’ll send you that portrait today.”

The portrait!

Li Jianyue’s eyes lit up. “The portrait? Are you talking about the one that you drew when I was on the Ferris wheel?”


Li Mosen’s expression turned ominous. He gave Quan Jingyi an icy look.

Quan Jingyi didn’t seem to take notice of that. “Yeah, and there are a few others as well. If you want them, I can send them all to you.”

Li Mosen’s tone wasn’t too friendly when he asked, “Why were you drawing her?”

Quan Jingyi stayed calm and collected. “Because she’s pretty and looks good in drawings,” he said.

Quan Jingyi’s reply made Li Jianyue ecstatic, and she laughed aloud. “So, send them to me!”