The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2235 - I’m In a Bad Mood!

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Chapter 2235: I’m In a Bad Mood!

It seemed a little strange to Li Jianyue, seeing Yang Zihao looking at her. It made her angry. At the same, she found it absurd.

“I merely rejected his confession and had never offended him. Does he have to behave like this?” Li Jianyue wondered.

The more Li Jianyue thought about it, the more ridiculous it seemed to her. She glared at Yang Zihao as she passed him and stomped into the classroom.

“Sun Xiaoyu, you’ll swap seats with Wang Caijie,” the teacher ordered. “We’ll start the class after the swap.”

Wang Caijie, taken aback by the teacher’s instruction, protested, “Why?”

“Don’t you know that Sun Xiaoyu had quarreled with Li Jianyue recently? Since Sun can’t get along with the girls, he should sit with a boy. Come on, swap your seats,” the teacher said.

Wang Caijie reluctantly picked up her schoolbag after glancing at the teacher. She shifted her books over to Li Jianyue’s desk.

Sun Xiaoyu was also moving his belongings. He grumbled, “Why aren’t you holding Li Jianyue responsible for this? She quite obviously does not welcome my presence. She had been bullying me all along. Teacher, you’re just biased.”

Li Jianyue heard his loud remarks. She retorted, “You’re the bully here. To think that you have the cheek to make such a claim!”

“What did I do? It was quite obviously you. You’re merely looking for an excuse to sit with Quan Jingyi. You must be so disappointed now because you don’t get to sit with him,” Sun Xiaoyu retaliated in spite.

Li Jianyue glared at him furiously. She couldn’t bring herself to refute him with a nasty remark because that wasn’t her upbringing.

“That’s enough. Silence!” the teacher shouted. She slapped her hand on the podium and warned, “It’s time for class. If anyone continues to argue, I’ll ask you to come to the front of the class to solve this question!”

Sun Xiaoyu fell silent and moved from his table grudgingly.

Yang Zihao stared through his thick spectacle lenses with his beady eyes, his sights set on Quan Jingyi.

Quan Jingyi got to keep his seat. He slumped lazily over his desk when he returned to his seat. As usual, he seemed barely alive.

Quan Jingyi raised his eyebrows when he sensed Yang Zihao’s gaze. His eyes casually flitted to Yang Zihao. It seemed as if he was itching for a beating.

Yang Zihao boiled over with rage when he saw Quan Jingyi. He quickly turned away and ignored him.

Soon, the class ended. Li Jianyue was packing stuff when she heard her new deskmate, Wang Caijie, exclaim, “Senior Mosen!”

“Senior Mosen?” Li Jianyue immediately thought of her brother. She turned sideways to take a look. Sure enough, she quickly spotted the exquisite features of her biracial brother.

Li Mosen seemed to be in a terrible mood. His expression was dark and gloomy.

As Li Mosen entered the classroom, he exuded a powerful aura, inspired by Li Sicheng over the years. It seemed out of place now.

The girls crowded around Li Mosen and swooned over his aura. They were flushed with excitement. The girls couldn’t contain themselves as they watched his tall and strong silhouette.

Li Jianyue had seen the scene before. She looked at her brother as he stood across from her. Li Jianyue blinked her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you unhappy today?”

Hearing her sweet, Li Mosen pursed his rosy lips into a line. “Yes, I’m upset.”

Li Jianyue finally finished packing her school bag. Just as she was about to pull up her bag, Li Mosen snatched it away.

Li Jianyue stared at him. “Why?”

“I’m in a bad mood!”