The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2226 - Hero Saving A Beauty (3)

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Chapter 2226: Hero Saving A Beauty (3)

Sun Xiaoyu started sobbing and shouted, “Quan Jingyi, I won’t let you go!”

Quan Jingyi turned around and looked down at Sun Xiaoyu. “I said I didn’t do it on purpose,” he said without meaning it.

The students in the class witnessed what had happened.

They could tell whether Quan Jingyi did it on purpose or not.

But, no one dared to speak up for Sun Xiaoyu. Most of the students were anticipating a good show.

The teacher took the three of them into the office and handed them over to the teacher-in-charge.

Never before had Li Jianyue been scolded so much. Calling her a “bitch” was a great insult to her. She felt a stab in her heart. Li Jianyue cried in despair as she tried to defend herself.

“I didn’t provoke her at all. She doesn’t want to sit with me. I can’t do anything about it. I think she only wants to get into a relationship now,” Sun Xiaoyu argued. “Teacher, you should educate her properly!”

“Nonsense!” Li Jianyue shouted in tears. “You are the one who slept in class. You like to lean over to my side when you sleep. Doesn’t your conscience hurt when you say this!”

“I’m also speaking the truth. Just now, Quan Jingyi hit me because of you!”

“When did I hit you?” Quan Jingyi asked in a lazy tone. “I accidentally stretched my leg. You didn’t watch your step. Why are you blaming me?”

“You’re quibbling!” Sun Xiaoyu said, infuriated.

“Aren’t you quibbling, too? You bullied your female deskmate and even accused her of dating at a young age. What kind of upbringing is that?” Quan Jingyi asked mockingly.

Sun Xiaoyu’s fat face turned red in anger. “Both of you are on the same side. You’re bullying me together!”

“This is enough!” The teacher said, feeling his head hurt.

Quan Jingyi had the worst reputation in the class, and he used to sit with Li Jianyue. Being a bad student, it seemed plausible that he would start dating at a young age.

In contrast, Li Jianyue was the daughter of the school’s largest donor. The teacher had heard that Mr. Li had recently sponsored two science laboratories and two new media classrooms. Mr. Li had also sponsored the teachers’ dormitory two years ago.

Even if Li Jianyue started dating at a young age, they mustn’t let Sun Xiaoyu spread the rumor.

The teachers reached a decision and immediately shut Sun Xiaoyu up. “Don’t talk nonsense. Li Jianyue has always been a model student. Her mentality and character are better than yours. How can you accuse your classmate? You slept in the class. That is a fact. Are you still going to deny it?”

Sun Xiaoyu felt that the treatment of him was unjust. “Li Jianyue is the one that bullied me. She even used her pen to poke me many times. You can’t let her go because she’s a girl!” he pleaded.

“You’re still spouting nonsense!” the teacher said angrily. “I don’t know what problem you have with Quan Jingyi. But it’s shameless of you to implicate a female student. Hurry up and apologize to Li Jianyue!”

“I don’t want to. I didn’t do anything wrong. Why must I apologize!” Sun Xiaoyu retorted. “Quan Jingyi bullied me. Look, I’m bleeding from my nose!”

Quan Jingyi replied lazily, “I’ve already said that I didn’t do it on purpose. I had also apologized. Besides accusing Li Jianyue, you’re implicating me, too. Shouldn’t you apologize to me as well?”

“Why must I apologize to you! I’m the victim!” an exasperated Sun Xiaoyu shouted.

“Report!” A spectacled young man walked through the office door. It was Yang Zihao.

He walked in and glanced at Quan Jingyi. “Teacher, I can prove that Quan Jingyi and Li Jianyue are dating. Here is Quan Jingyi’s textbook!”