The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2225 - Hero Saving The Beauty (2)

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Chapter 2225: Hero Saving The Beauty (2)

Sun Xiaoyu spoke with much confidence. When he had finished, the students in the classroom cheered simultaneously and kicked up a fuss.

“Yang Zihao and Quan Jingyi fought because of Li Jianyue?”

“That Little Four-eyed dared to anger Quan Jingyi over Li Jianyue? Hahahaha, I’m dying of laughter!”

“I don’t think Quan Jingyi likes Li Jianyue very much. He probably beat Yang Zihao up because he didn’t like him. He doesn’t look like someone that will like Li Jianyue!”

“Who knows? I think Li Jianyue is quite pretty.”

“If Quan Jingyi likes Li Jianyue, there will be a good show for us to watch. That fatty pig Sun Xiaoyu dared to offend Mrs. Quan?”

The students were in their first years, and they had only returned from their holidays. They still hadn’t settled down yet. Given their age, they were still ignorant. It was natural for these susceptible youngsters in their puberty to be curious about gossips involving crushes.

The teacher felt indignant over what he saw. He slammed the podium forcefully and shouted, “Keep quiet! Li Jianyue, Sun Xiaoyu, follow me to my office!”

Li Jianyue started crying. “That is not true. Sun Xiaoyu is talking nonsense!” she shouted angrily.

The students started making a commotion. “Sun Xiaoyu, you’re dead. How dare you make Mrs. Quan cry!”

“You’re dead! You’re dead!”

Sun Xiaoyu’s heart started pounding hard after hearing what his classmates said. “This has nothing to do with me! What I said is the truth!” he screamed.

“Fine!” the teacher fumed. “Follow me to my office. All you other students, start your self-study!”

And so Li Jianyue was back again in the teacher’s office.

Sun Xiaoyu pouted unhappily. “I’m so unlucky. Why do I have to meet this kind of a bitch!” he muttered.

Li Jianyue had excellent hearing. She turned around and glared at him.

Sun Xiaoyu glared back at her without fear. As he was walking forward, he suddenly stumbled. Sun Xiaoyu’s fat body hit the ground with much force.

“Ah!” Sun Xiaoyu screamed in agony.

The students could hear the sound of his body crashing onto the floor.

Everyone cheered and looked at the person responsible for causing Sun Xiaoyu’s fall.

It was Quan Jingyi.

Quan Jingyi withdrew his leg slowly and gave an insincere apology. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Quan Jingyi’s tone was cold and distant. His gaze was indifferent. When he looked at Sun Xiaoyu, his eyes were calm. He didn’t show any signs of guilt at all.

Li Jianyue looked at the scene in disbelief.

It was so obvious. How could it not be done on purpose?

On the ground, Sun Xiaoyu raised his head. Two streams of blood started flowing from under the nose on his fat and round face.

“Oh my god, Sun Xiaoyu is bleeding!”

“This is exhilarating! Is Quan Jingyu trying to save the beauty?”

“Li Jianyue’s charisma is too great!”

After some time, Sun Xiaoyu realized what was going on. He used his hand to wipe his nose. When he saw the fresh blood on his hand, he burst into tears.

Li Jianyue was the female protagonist of this gossip. She felt a little satisfied when she saw Sun Xiaoyu lying on the floor and crying in pain.

The teacher was leading the way to the office. He was walking very quickly. When he heard the commotion in the classroom, he hurried back. The teacher’s body trembled in anger when he saw the scene. “Quan Jingyi, come over to my office, too!” he shouted.

Sun Xiaoyu picked himself up from the ground. He was still sniffing and sobbing.

Quan Jingyi stood up from his seat. He looked casually at Li Jianyue, unperturbed. He lifted his feet and walked out.

When he walked past Sun Xiaoyu, he stepped on him. It was hard to tell whether Quan Jianyi did it on purpose or that it was an accident.