The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2223 - I Will Definitely Get Li Mosen

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Chapter 2223: I Will Definitely Get Li Mosen

Li Jianyue kept looking at the lady several times. She couldn’t help herself. Each time, the lady gave a friendly smile.

Li Mosen saw what was going on and followed Li Jianyue’s gaze.

He had a photographic memory. He was sure he had seen this young lady before.

But, he didn’t have much recollection of this person. Li Mosen turned around and glanced at the lady. He quickly swung back and said to Li Jianyue, “Let’s eat.”

“Okay!” Li Jianyue picked up her chopsticks and served him some food. “This is a reward for our good man, Li Mosen,” she smiled.

Li Mosen chuckled. In turn, he served her some food as well. “This is a reward for our little princess Ersu.”

“Hey, I have a name! My name is Li Jianyue!”

“All right.” Li Mosen began eating his food. “Let’s eat quickly and go back early, Li Ersu!”

“Hmph!” Li Jianyue got annoyed and stuck her chopsticks in his bowl. “Give me back the food. I’m not rewarding you anymore!”

Li Mosen blocked her chopsticks. “Hey, eat your food properly. Don’t fiddle around.”

“Apologize to me then!”

“I was wrong.” Li Mosen controlled his laughter. “Little Princess Li Jianyue, let’s eat.”

“Okay!” Li Jianyue took a piece of ginger and put it in Li Mosen’s bowl. “This is your punishment!”

“What about the reward?”

“It’s already in your bowl.”

“Wow, you are very fair in giving out your rewards and punishment.”

“Of course. I’m a fair little princess.”

Li Mosen couldn’t refrain himself from laughing. He took a piece of her favorite fish and put it in her bowl.

Li Jianyue looked satisfied. “Even if you curry favor with me, I will not dismiss your punishment,” she said, stuffing her mouth with food.

“Yes, yes, yes.”

Li Mosen’s blue eyes seemed exceptionally bright from a distance as he looked at Li Jianyue gently.

His hair was slightly curly. It made his angular and profound features gentler and smoother.

But this gentle and thoughtful side of Li Mosen appeared only to show itself when he was with some other lady.

The young lady was pretty too. She didn’t look ugly, either. Why is Senior Brother Mosen being so gentle with her?

Qin Wan’er looked at them from a distance. She wasn’t feeling very comfortable in her heart. “Senior Brother Mosen is too impolite. He purposely treats other ladies so coldly in front of his girlfriend,” she growled. “He must be acting. Senior Brother Mosen’s true nature must one who was a polite and gentlemanly senior brother, just like a prince.”

Qin Xizao smiled to herself when she heard this. “What does that have to do with you? What’s wrong with him treating his girlfriend well? Isn’t it normal for him to present himself properly in front of his girlfriend? If you were his girlfriend, you would be happy to see your boyfriend acting like this.”

Qin Wan’er was speechless. But, she was still unwilling to accept it. “But, he still shouldn’t be so cold. It’s hurtful,” she whispered.

“If he doesn’t act coldly, would you give up?”

Qin Wan’er didn’t know how to reply to this. “Xizao, who’s cousin are you? she asked angrily. “Why are you talking to me like this?”

“Wait a moment. My name is Xizao. Please pronounce it properly. Also, I’m only a day younger than you. Whether it’s my appearance or my mental state, I’m more mature than you.” Qin Xizao took a sip of her tea. Under the broad and huge princess hat, she was looking at Li Mosen with smiles in her eyes. “I will not try to strike up a conversation with him so stupidly.”

“What will you do?” Qin Wan’er was curious to know more. “Do you like a man like Senior Brother Mosen, too? But, he’s so fierce.”

“I do like him. A man is only fierce with the ladies he doesn’t like.” Qin Xizao put down her cup. “Wait and see. I will definitely get Li Mosen.”