The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2222 - : This Sweet Smile Had A Strong Lethality

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Chapter 2222: This Sweet Smile Had A Strong Lethality

The very instant the lady posed the question, Li Jianyue turned and glared at her. She was about to give her an angry reply when Li Mosen opened his mouth. “Do I know you?”

Li Mosen’s voice, though calm, had a tinge of obliviousness and indifference.

It was evident from his demeanor that he didn’t want to talk to her.

It made the lady even more furious. Her already flushed face became redder. Her eyes, too, turned red with rage as she replied, “I… I’m from year-two class three.”

“I’m in year three.” Li Mosen ignored her and looked at the menu. “I don’t know you.”

“What about orange juice?” he asked Li Jianyue.

“I want to drink soymilk.”

Li Mosen smiled. “Okay.”

He called over the waiter. The lady standing in front of him seemed not to exist as he gave the waiter the menu he was holding. At no point during this entire time did Li Mosen look again at the lady.

In the end, the lady couldn’t take it anymore. She started weeping and fled.

The sight of that made Li Jianyue feel a little guilty. “Brother Mosen, it’s not good to act like this, right?”

“What’s not good about it?” Li Mosen didn’t think he had done anything wrong. “Since I don’t like the other person, I shouldn’t give her any hope at all. I need to let her think that I’m an arrogant and impolite person. That way, she won’t bug me again.”

Li Jianyue frowned. She puffed up her cheeks and retorted, “Brother Mosen is not like that. You are the best Brother Mosen.”

Li Mosen lifted the corners of his lips slightly. “How good am I?”

“Very, very good.” Li Jianyue started listing the good things about him on her fingers. “You are polite, handsome, and you listen to our parents. Both our maternal and paternal grandparents love you very much. Even our great-grandfather likes you. Everyone says you’re a good child. Also, Brother Mosen is perfect. You treat me very well!”

Li Mosen burst out laughing hysterically once she had finished. “Fine, fine. I’m sick of hearing these things.”

“You see. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Other people say that about you, too. That’s why Brother Mosen got sick of hearing it.” Li Jianyue seemed proud of herself.

The waiter bought them their drinks. Li Jianyue gulped her soymilk, enjoying every drop of it.

Li Mosen smiled at her. “Yes,” he said in a kind tone.

“So, you’re not a bad person. You’re right. If you don’t like a person, you should cut off the person’s feelings early on. That’s right, Brother Mosen. I support you!”

“That’s not what you said just now.”

“Erm, what happened just now is already in the past. Let’s not delve on it anymore.”

“Hmph, smart-ass.”

Li Jianyue laughed heartily. Just then, she sensed that someone nearby was looking at her.

She turned her head instinctively. About three tables away, a lady was glaring at her angrily. It was the same lady who had fled earlier.

Li Jianyue felt guilty again. She moved her eyes and saw another lady at the same table.

This new lady was wearing a beautiful pink princess hat and dressed in a sweet-lolita style. Her aura came across exceptionally clean. This lady, why did she look a little familiar?

The lady seemed to notice Li Jianyue’s gaze. She acknowledged Lin Jianyue by smiling at her. Her teeth were showing as she smiled.

The smile was so piercing that Li Jianyue felt something had smashed into her heart.

This sweet smile had a strong lethality!

She was so beautiful and cute.

The lady’s smile refreshed Li Jianyue’s memory. She remembered where she had seen her. Wasn’t she the one eating ice cream beside Quan Jingyi? Li Jianyue happened to see them at the amusement park.