The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2219 - Her, and Her Alone

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Chapter 2219: Her, and Her Alone

It was past six, and the sky had turned dark. In the dim of the night sky, golden light flickered from street lamps and mingled with the voices of the passersby.

Li Jianyue was wearing the bunny ears on her head. The white light of the bunny bear gave out a pink glow. Li Jianyue’s lovely face was even more charming under the pink light.

Li Jianyue’s big round eyes blinked at Li Mosen. Her small canine tooth showed when she smiled.

It distracted Li Mosen, and the look in his eyes deepened. He patted her on her head and said, “Of course, you’ve always been cute.”

“Hehehe,” Li Jianyue giggled cheerily. She turned around and took another pair of ears from the Kumamon Bear’s basket. “Bend down a little,” she said to Li Mosen.

It was a pair of dark blue wolf ears with pink lining. It looked adorable too.

Li Mosen obliged her and bent down. Standing on her toes, Li Jianyue put the wolf ears on Li Mosen’s head. “Wow! It looks so cute!”

Li Mosen looked at her with a winsome smile. He poked her fleshy face and said, “It’s enough for you to be cute. I don’t want to be cute.” As he spoke, Li Mosen was about to take off the wolf ears.

Li Jianyue immediately held his hand down. “No, don’t take it off! It looks so good! she pleaded. “Oh, right! How much is it?” she asked the Kumamon Bear.

Li Jianyue hurriedly took out her pink wallet from her schoolbag. She was afraid that Li Mosen would change his mind if she didn’t act fast.

The Kumamon Bear held the basket in one hand and gestured a number with the other.

Li Jianyue looked at it. “Oh, one for 20. So two for 40?”

The Kumamon Bear gave her a thumbs-up.

Li Jianyue chuckled as she took out some small change. She looked in turn at the Kumamon Bear and Li Mosen. “You must be a boy. You’re very tall, even taller than my brother.”

Li Mosen wore the wolf ears grudgingly. She was still talking to the Kumamon Bear when he pressed his palm on the top of her head and said, “Come on, let’s go. Don’t you want to go home?”

“Do we have to go home after riding on the Ferris wheel?” Li Jianyue asked. It was clear that she wanted to spend more time at the amusement park. “I’m hungry,” she said, rubbing her tummy.

“So, let’s go home for dinner.”

“I feel like eating sushi.”

Mosen smiled. “All right,” he said, the expression in his eyes softening.

Li Jianyue skipped away with a giggle, taking light and quick steps. Her girlish charms were on full display.

The corners of Li Mosen’s lips lifted into a smile. A sense of helplessness and indulgence overcame him.

Li Mosen followed her. But after taking a few steps, he suddenly felt as if someone behind him was staring at him.

He turned around. The Kumamon Bear whirled his head around quickly and passed a pair of cat’s ears to a little girl.

“Brother Mosen, hurry up!” Li Jianyue said impatiently.

Li Mosen stood there looking at the Kumamon Bear. He was at least 1.8 meters tall. Li Mosen raised his eyebrows and abruptly turned around to catch up with Li Jianyue.

The Ferris wheel was very new and seemed well maintained. The glass was sparkling clean.

Li Jianyue was mesmerized by the girlish design of the Ferris wheel.

Glazed tassels hung from the top of the Ferris wheel, decked out entirely in pink. Although the glazed tassels were a little high, they were still within Li Mosen’s reach.

“Wow, it’s so pretty!”

Li Mosen looked around as the Ferris wheel began to turn gradually.

In the evenings, Kingstown was quite the view as the lights shone brightly in the darkened sky. A sea of people had gathered below them. Li Jianyue held on to the handrails as she peered down. Her already bright eyes sparkled even more intensely.

Li Mosen’s eyes held nothing else other than the reflection of Li Jianyue.

It was clean and clear.

Li Mosen’s eyes were like a narrow mirror that reflected her, and her alone.