The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2218 - : Does It Look Cute?

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Chapter 2218: Does It Look Cute?

Li Mosen raised his head and looked up at the Pendulum.

It was in the midst of one of its revolutions. The screams of the people in the Pendulum were much louder compared to the pirate ship. Also, there were a lot more people here. Most everyone seemed to be laughing, although the faces of a few had turned white with fear.

“Is this supposed to be scary?” Li Mosen asked, keeping his eyes on the Pendulum.

Li Jianyue giggled smugly. “The Super Pendulum is the king of the amusement park rides! Some people even think that this is scarier than a roller-coaster.”

Li Mosen had been on a roller-coaster before.

He had also seen the Pendulum many times before. But he never had any interest in giving it a try.

Li Jianyue noticed that he didn’t show much of a reaction. She tried to scare him deliberately. “You may not know this. You’ll be seated on one of the chairs, and the Pendulum swings you around. You’ll feel yourself getting tossed around. That feeling of weightlessness, oh my god. It’s so scary.”

Li Mosen raised his eyebrows, “That bad?”

Li Jianyue grew annoyed when she saw how uninterested he was by her description of the ride. “Come on! Take the ride with me. You’ll see for yourself!” she said, grabbing his hand.

Li Mosen chuckled lightly and readily agreed.

Sure enough, he wasn’t disappointed with the ride in the Pendulum.

Indeed, he felt himself getting tossed around. As the feeling of weightlessness sank in, Li Mosen felt like he was flying in the air, on the verge of falling.

The two of them were seated together. Li Jianyue grasped Li Mosen’s hand tightly to give the impression that she wanted to ease his fear and give him courage.

From the moment they were seated, Li Jianyue didn’t even dare to open her eyes. All she did was scream as loudly as her throat would permit.

But this time, her scream was different. On the pirate ship, she screamed out of excitement. Now it sounded more like panic and fear.

Li Mosen squeezed her hand tightly. He turned his head and looked at her.

The swing of the Pendulum took them high up in the air. Since the amusement park was in the suburbs, lots of open space came into view down below. The famous Sacred Ground of a Thousand Lavenders was visible a little further away.

From afar, it was a beautiful sight.

“Ersu, open your eyes and look at this.”

Li Jianyue didn’t dare to look. Just as she was about to admit to her fear, a sudden realization dawned on her. How was it that Li Mosen was able to remain so calm?

Was he completely unafraid?

Li Jianyue tugged at his hand. Only when she felt the swing of the Pendulum begin to slow did she finally open her eyes.

When Li Mosen saw her open her eyes, he pointed to the front and said, “We’re almost there. Look ahead.”

Sure enough, as soon as Mosen uttered those words, the Pendulum was facing the sacred lavender garden.

A large expanse of purple flowers, dreamily arranged, formed a large heart shape.

All the times in the past that Li Jianyue had taken the Pendulum ride, never once did she dare open her eyes. It was the first time she caught a glimpse of the scenery.

She marveled at the lavender field. “It’s so beautiful.”

Li Mosen’s lips lifted slightly into a smile. “Let’s look at it from the top of the Ferris wheel.”

Li Jianyue’s eyes lit up. She nodded her head immediately.

After the two of them got off the Pendulum, Li Jianyue walked past a cumbersome Kumamom Bear. The silly bear held a basket. In it were all sorts of cute little trinkets. It had cat’s ears and bunny ears that would light up when switched on.

Li Jianyue had stopped to look at the bear because the basket it was holding caught her attention. “Wow!” She took a pair of bunny ears and put it on. Smiling brightly, she looked at Li Mosen and asked, “Does it look cute?”