The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2215 - Angry

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Chapter 2215: Angry

Li Jianyue had a reasonably good temperament. But Sun Xiaoyu vexed her to the extreme.

Since she was young, Li Jianyue’s family had always pampered her. She had never felt unhappy as she felt now. “Sun Xiaoyu,” she called out, her displeasure evident in her voice.

Sun Xiaoyu was about to doze off. Li Jianyue’s harsh voice snapped him out of his slumber. “What… what is it?”

Li Jianyue’s dainty figure tensed up. “I don’t care if you sleep in class. But could you at least sit properly and not violate my personal space?” she said solemnly. “I’m left with so little space. I can’t even concentrate properly!”

Sun Xiaoyu’s chubby face turned red. “Oh, okay.”

He slowly moved his body to the side.

Li Jianyue calmed down and straightened her posture.

Soon, the class bell rang. The next period was Mathematics.

The Mathematics teacher was old-fashioned and had high myopia. Su Xiaoyu placed his book upright. Hiding his head behind the book, he began to doze off.

He gradually lost control of his posture. After straightening himself up only moments ago, he started to slump to the side again, his head hanging down.

Li Jianyue couldn’t take it anymore. She nudged him and said, “Sit properly!”

Sun Xiaoyu, still half-asleep, quickly straightened his back.

But not for long. Sun Xiaoyu started to slump yet again.

Li Jianyue blew her top and admonished him. “Will you sit properly? I barely have any space left!”

It so happened that it was one of those rare occasions when the classroom was quiet. Li Jianyue’s voice reverberated through the room.

All the students turned to see what the fuss was. Li Jianyue felt her face growing hot. Looking at Sun Xiaoyu made her angry all over again.

Sun Xiaoyu noticed the many eyes staring at him too. “Why do you have to be so overbearing,” he said, blushing and feeling aggrieved. “It’s not like I’m taking up that much space? I may be fat, but your words are very hurtful.”

Li Jianyue grew even more infuriated. “Won’t the problem be solved if you just sit up straight?” she retorted. “What does your being fat have to do with anything? Your improper posture is making it very inconvenient for me. It’s making it hard for me to study.”

“Ahem!” the Mathematics teacher rapped the table. “Sun Xiaoyu, sit up straight. Don’t be a distraction to the other students. If you have any differences, talk it over after class. We’re in the middle of a lesson now.”

Sun Xiaoyu straightened his posture and mumbled to himself, “You never behaved this way when Quan Jingyu sat here. He sleeps during class, just like I do. It’s because you have a crush on him and not me, isn’t it?”

Though he wasn’t loud, Li Jianyue could still hear him.

Her fury boiled over. “Look at how you’re sitting now! At the very least, Quan Jingyi sat up straight. He never bothered me. Even when he slept, he kept to his side of the table. How is that comparable to you?”

Sun Xiaoyu remained unconvinced. “How is that possible? Who on earth can maintain a straight posture while sleeping? Turn around and see for yourself how Quan Jingyi looks like when he’s sleeping!”

Li Jianyue turned her head instinctively.

In the seat in the last row, Quan Jingyi sat slumped on his side. His front sprawled across the table. His body stretched from one table over to the next. His posture was unbridled and without restraint.

Li Jianyue didn’t expect to see that. “That’s because he’s sitting alone,” she said, trying to defend herself.

“When I was there, I sat alone too. I’m already used to it. I didn’t want to change seats. If you can’t tolerate it, why don’t you ask the teacher to send us back to our old seats?” Sun Xiaoyu muttered to himself. “It was your parents who asked for the change, to begin with. Just get them to change it again.”

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