The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2210 - Threatening A Classmate

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Chapter 2210: Threatening A Classmate


Now that Li Jianyue had also come over, what more was left for him to explain?

Judging from the way they were acting, it seemed like they thought that they knew Li Jianyue quite well.

Yang Zihao’s heartbeat immediately raced. He clenched the hem of his school uniform. He wanted to look up at Li Jianyue. But he couldn’t summon the courage to lift his head.

Quan Jingcheng frowned when he heard what the headmaster said. He turned and looked behind him at the standing figures of Yang Zihao and his parents. “Since my son didn’t bully your son, doesn’t that mean your son was lying? he asked. “Doesn’t that mean my son deserves to get some justice, too?”

In response, Yang Zihao’s parents said, “If indeed what this female student said happened was true, we would naturally ask our son to apologize,” adding, “but it’s improbable our son would do something like that.”

Yang Zihao had since young always been a well-behaved and obedient child. So, how was it possible that he would bully his schoolmates? How was it possible that he would lie?

The delinquent, and not their son, must be the one lying!

Yang Zihao’s parents were sure of this, and they had the utmost confidence in their son, too.

Li Jianyue was infuriated by their attitude. “But this is what I saw!” she argued. “Are you accusing me of covering up for Quan Jingyi at the expense of my other schoolmates?”

“But…,” Yang Zihao blurted out, still keeping his head low and tweaking the hem of his uniform. “…you like Quan Jingyi, don’t you?”

Li Jianyue retorted in disbelief when she heard Yang Zihao say that. “What the hell are you saying?”

A seething Yang Zihao pinched the hem of his clothing. His blocked WeChat account was firmly on his mind. “You know full well what I’m talking about,” he said through gritted teeth, throwing caution to the wind. “Everyone in the class was talking about it. They were all saying that you have a crush on Quan Jingyi. If that wasn’t the case, why would you have come all the way here to say these things?”

Clenching her fists tightly, a flushed Li Jianyue shot back, “You’re talking rubbish! I do not…”

“All right, enough,” Quan Jingyi interjected as he gave Yang Zihao a cold stare. “You’re making things ugly, Yang Zihao.”

Quan Jingyi’s frosty rebuke deflated Yang Zihao’s courage like a pricked balloon. He immediately recoiled.

His face flushed with blood, Yang Zihao stared at Quan Jingyi. Quan Jingyi met his stare with an equally hostile look. “I didn’t intend to pursue this matter because I was too lazy to explain myself,” Quan Jingyi said, keeping his composure. “But you insisted on pushing my limits time and time again.”

A visibly nervous Yang Zihao, his heartbeat racing, could only manage to stammer, “I…”

“All of us know what the truth is. I don’t want to bicker over it with you. You would do well not to cling obstinately to your lie,” Quan Jingyi said in a kinder tone. “If I had done it, I won’t deny it. But I will never apologize for something I didn’t do. Yang Zihao, Li Jianyue was only clarifying the situation on my behalf. There’s no need for you to drag her into this. After all, you wrote her a love letter, too.”

Love letter?

It was the headmaster’s office. All his teachers and parents were bearing witness to this.

The facial expression of Yang Zihao’s parents subtly changed when they heard those two bombshell words.

Just as a cat would if someone had stepped on its tail, Yang Zihao yelped. “I did not! Stop spouting rubbish!” he yelled in protest.

The revelation caught Li Jianyue by surprise, too.

Didn’t Yang Zihao say his friend had written the love letter that he gave to her? How was it that it was he who wrote the letter?

“You know very well in your heart whether or not I’m spouting rubbish,” Quan Jingyi sniggered.

“Hey now,” Yang Zihao’s mother interrupted, putting on a different expression. “There are parents and teachers present! How dare you threaten your classmate this way!”