The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2205 - Top Student Fighting With The School Bully (1)

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Chapter 2205: Top Student Fighting With The School Bully (1)

On closer scrutiny, the whole thing was very frightening.

Who could have predicted what could happen?

It was impossible to guard against such matters.

Indeed, the world at large was too messy.

After careful consideration, and with her safety in mind, Li Jianyue decided she would not add her classmates to WeChat.

Li Jianyue thought some more and pulled the young boy’s friends Wechat into her blacklist as well.

Li Mosen felt much relieved. “You are worth teaching.”

Li Jianyue giggled and quickly went back to her room with her phone in her hands.

Yang Zihao contemplated a long time before deciding to send a WeChat message to the young lady he liked and come out in the open.

He thought for half a day. Many time-tested phrases went through his mind. Among them, ‘Hello, I’m Yang Zihao. I’m your classmate’, ‘Did you see the letter today? How do you feel about it’ and ‘Li Jianyue, I’m Yang Zihao. I hope that you could consider my feelings seriously’.

But in the end, he only managed to muster one word: Hello.

It was brief, polite, and showed good manners.

He hesitated for a long time before pressing the send button.

But, just as he was about to do so, a lengthy notification popped out. ‘You are no longer a friend of this person. Please add him (her) as your friend again.’

Yang Zihao’s hopes vanished in that instant. It was like a massive block of ice got hit forcefully and shattered into many small pieces.

He couldn’t believe it. Li Jianyue had blacklisted him!

He quickly clicked on her thumbnail. As he had expected, all her moments got erased. Yang Zihao’s heart turned cold.

Why did this happen?

Li Jianyue seemed like a person who was easy to get along. Why did she suddenly blacklist him?

Could it be she only just saw his love letter? And that prompted her to put him on her blacklist.

The more Li Jianyue thought about it, the more convinced he was that was likely the case. He clutched his heart, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

He didn’t sleep well that night.

When he walked into the classroom the next morning, his eyes as big as panda’s, only a few students were there. Li Jianyue hadn’t come yet.

Yang Zihao waited for a long time. Almost the entire class had gathered before he saw Li Jianyue walk in slowly.

Everyone’s attention turned on her as she entered. Her cheeks were rosy. She seemed to be in a good mood. She carried her schoolbag, humming as she walked towards her seat, and sat down.

Yang Zihao stared intently at her. All of a sudden, he realized his eyes were tearing.

She sure was eye-catching.

That’s right. Yang Zihao wondered what made him worthy of this outstanding young lady?

Yang Zihao couldn’t help but turn his face away. He lowered his head without anyone noticing. Taking off his spectacles, he wiped the edges of his eyes.

After he had worn his glasses again, he realized that a black shadow had appeared in front of him.

The sudden appearance of this figure gave Yang Zihao a big fright.

He raised his head and saw Quan Jingyi with his schoolbag dangling over his shoulders. He gave off a casual and lazy aura.

Quan Jingyi was a classic delinquent. Which part of him gave that away?

He was wearing his school uniform correctly. He appeared clean and tidy. But he had the demeanor of a gangster, which made people afraid of provoking him.

Yang Zihao didn’t want to be associated with a person of his sort. He mustered his courage and asked, “What’s the matter?”

When he heard this, the slightly tall Quan Jingyi bent forward and asked in a soft voice, “Hey, did she blacklist you?”

Yang Zihao felt like someone had stabbed him in his heart.

But, he grasped the situation soon enough. He stomped his feet in anger and said, “You caused it?”

Quan Jingyi straightened his back. He kept his lips at a slight angle. His eyebrows raised, he gave a ‘so-that’s-what-happened’ expression.

Without saying a word, he turned around and was going back to his seat.

Silence meant affirmation, Yang Zihao thought to himself. His eyes turned red in anger, and he shouted, “Quan Jingyi, you despicable person!”