The 99th Divorce - Chapter 2195 - Bickering with Chu (4)

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Chapter 2195: Bickering with Chu (4)

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As for Yu Chulin, he finally managed to kill the Tyrant and he started chanting, “Oh my god, oh my god.”

Li Moyun started feeling uneasy deep down, he knew that there was now a possibility that they might lose. He silently moved across the battlefield, towards the hero Yu Chulin was operating.

He noticed that Yu Chulin’s Li Bai only had a small bar of HP left. He just needed to strike him with one attack and he would be able to get this kill. He then popped his head out, revealing his location.

Li Moyun laughed loudly and claimed, “I’m coming! I want the Tyrant as well as the kill!”

However, the moment he finished his sentence, a row of symbols dropped down from the top of his head. Immediately after, the hero he was operating, Luna, was being controlled directly by someone else. He was stunned by this and Luna couldn’t retaliate at all.

System Announcement: ‘Miyamoto Musashi’ has slain ‘Luna’

‘Li Bai’ has slain ‘Tyrant’

Li Moyun screamed upon hearing this and said, “Damn it! You’re so despicable! Why did you ambush me!”

“No reason is needed to ambush a fatty.” Li Mosen announced with a poker face as he lowered his head and attacked another monster in the wild.

Li Moyun felt as if his heart had been shot with an arrow. His face was filled with anguish as he replied, “I will make you regret what you’ve just said!”

“Hmph.” Li Mosen gave him a heartless and cold sneer. Then, he stole the Daddy Blue that Luna relied on for survival.

Li Moyun carried his long sword and saw the empty spawn area of Daddy Blue. He roared in anger once again. “I will go to the wilderness to steal your Daddy Blue!”

“Come on, do it. I left it there for you,” Yu Chulin said.

So, Li Moyun charged on.

The moment he reached, he saw Li Bai slaying small monsters in the area.

He hesitated for a moment. Li Moyun then looked at the difference in their finances and confirmed that Miyamoto Musashi wasn’t around. Only then did he dare to go out of hiding.

Yu Chulin didn’t know how to play this game so he felt that he would be able to defeat Li Bai. Li Moyun held his sword and ran out to attack him.

Unfortunately, almost simultaneously, Li Bai drew a circle and restricted Luna’s movement once again. Then, a Zhuge Liang jumped out of the bushes.

Li Moyun was livid upon realising the situation he was in and screamed, “This is outrageous! This is too much! This is really too much!”

Zhuge Liang controlled his colorful flash bombs and continuously attacked Li Moyun until he only had a little HP left. Li Jianyue laughed happily. “Come, come. Come and bully me!”

Li Moyun got so scared and hurriedly ran away in a flurry.

He managed to escape but his HP level had become very low.

He had to thank Li Jianrui and Yu Chulin for this. They weren’t good at this game so he managed to escape. If they had better control, either one of them would be able to push him onto the ground and torture him.

Li Moyun found a bush to hide in. Grief and indignation coursed through his veins as he shouted, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

“Moyun, be careful!” Ou Xiaoxiao shouted. “I’m going over!”

However, it was too late.

System Announcement: ‘Miyamoto Musashi’ has slain ‘Luna’

Li Moyun felt hopeless. He sniffed and pitifully said, “Can you try to kill someone else? You can kill Xiaoxiao and Sister Panpan!”

“No way.” Li Jianhui shook her head sternly. “They aren’t as fat as you.”

This statement caused the other children to burst out laughing.

Li Moyun tapped on Yu Chulin’s thumbnail to check his battle history. He realized that Yu Chulin really didn’t know how to play. However, he knew that he shouldn’t roam around aimlessly. Li Moyun decided to coax him. “Brother Chu, don’t always stay in your area. Come out and play.”

Yu Chulin smiled. “This is what you said.”

Li Moyun smiled. “Yes, that is what I said.”

Li Jianyun exclaimed anxiously, “Brother Chu, don’t get fooled by him. He’s lying to you. He wants to kill you!”

Li Mosen also said, “If you don’t go out, we won’t lose.”

The corners of Yu Chuling’s lips turned up slightly when he heard their statements. In a meaningful tone, he said, “That might not be the case.”

Very soon, Li Moyun regretted his decision.